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Undertale exemplifies the modern indie game’s ability to capture the imaginations of gamers through riveting storytelling, an enveloping soundtrack, and refreshing RPG game mechanics. Many have debated whether video games are an art form. Undertale and games of its ilk should emphatically prove that they are.

And as the late American author, Susan Vreeland once posited: “art begets art”. Undertale’s 2D pixelated world and larger-than-life characters have inspired many digital artists. This guide will introduce you to some of the best Undertale fanart on the internet. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use it to find your next desktop or phone wallpaper.

Best Undertale Fanart: Bottom Line Up Front

Game visuals are important. They support and carry the other elements of the game i.e. gameplay and story. Furthermore, they aid in creating immersive experiences for gamers. However, while commercial (AAA) games have traditionally leaned on graphical fidelity, indie games have always relied on style.

This is what makes them so inspiring. Much like reading novels, gamers are forced to fill in the blanks using their imaginations. How would Sans’s voice sound if he could speak in actual audible words? What would he look like if he was reimagined as a character in a AAA title? This is highly conducive to creativity.

Again, the following guide will explore some of the best Undertale fan art on the internet. Since we believe in promoting indie titles and indie creators, I focused chiefly on unknown and amateur artists. They may not have a large following but they are passionate about what they do. Indie games thrive on community. Hopefully, this guide will help us expand that community.

My Top Picks at a Glance

  1. Frisk by Delphine Grell: A digitally illustrated image of Frisk and Flowey created for Pride Month.
  2. Toriel by Lune Snowtail: A tasteful digital painting of Toriel sitting in front of her fireplace with her favorite book?
  3. Sans by Kaily: A simple melancholic monochromatic illustration of Sans the Skeleton.
  4. Papyrus by Tora Blue: A bright-colored depiction of an alternative reality Papyrus and Sans.
  5. Undyne by Gothik Angelica: An on-paper drawing of Undyne in full armor.
  6. Flowey by Gothik Angelica:  Another colored pencil drawing of Flowey.
  7. Alphys by Flynn Lewis: A bright digital illustration of Alphys and Mettaton.
  8. Mettaton by Emerson: A warm digital drawing featuring Mettaton surrounded by key characters from the game.
  9. Asgore by wata_lemon3: Finding really good Asgore fan art is tough but this digital watercolor-like painting of Asgore is awesome.
  10. Undertale by PokeyPokums: A kaleidoscopic alternative box-art for Undertale.
  11. Undertale by Mato: Another alternative Undertale box-art featuring a crescendo of all the characters.
  12. Undertale Fifth Anniversary: A 2020 fifth anniversary Undertale homage featuring most of the characters in Grillby’s pub.

Best Undertale Fanart Selection Criteria

Since it’s not enough to say I just chose the coolest-looking fan art, here’s the selection criteria I used to compile this list:

  • Independent and Amateur Artists: This may seem like I limited the selection pool unnecessarily but I felt like it was a good opportunity to introduce you to new artists. As such, you’re unlikely to see any selections from Behance, Tumblr, or DeviantArt. I chose to focus on artists that I discovered through social media like Twitter and Instagram. These platforms are far more accessible and it’s easier to reach and interact with these artists through these channels. Furthermore, I chose artists who I felt do it for the “love” – cause they enjoy it and aren’t trying to sell you anything.
  • No lewd drawings or illustrations: Rule 34 of the internet states that if something exists or can be imagined, you can find internet porn of it. Undertale is a popular title. There’s undoubtedly a dark corner of the internet dedicated to Undertale-inspired lewd art and animated pornography. I avoided any art that sexualizes the characters in any way. This guide is perfectly safe for work.
  • Must be meaningful: I chose fanart that I felt was meaningful and relevant to the world of Undertale. Yes, it would be fun to see illustrations featuring complete reimagined scenarios for the characters (like Sans as a Samurai) but I aimed for nostalgia.

Of course, these images must look great. I chose high-quality images with accurate proportions and depictions of the characters. These images feature clean steady lines and bright bursts of color. While some of these artists are novices, their art displays clear mastery and talent.

What Makes Undertale Special?

On the surface, Undertale is a simple 2D role-playing game created by a single developer (Toby Fox). However, on closer inspection, you soon realize that it’s a testament to gaming’s ability to act as a device for immersive storytelling.

Undertale makes you feel like you’re living out the pages of a children’s book. Again, this is an impressive feat considering that the game was created by an individual developer. What’s even more impressive is that it was the developer’s first foray into game development.

His chief influence was the Mother (AKA EarthBound outside of Japan) series, both in tone and aesthetics. Toby Fox wanted to create something as emotionally stirring. We can talk about how innovative the battle system is – and it is. However, I’d rather wax poetic about the characters and how they’ve captured the imaginations of the indie gaming zeitgeist. Over half a decade later, the game still inspires fan-fiction, art, and even fanmade games.

And that’s mostly because of the characters and story. I still find myself going back to certain chapters of the game, trying to replicate the feelings they gave me on my first go. I’m yet to play the spinoff (Deltarune) because I hold an irrational fear that it will somehow sour my memories of the original game.

Undertale’s 8-bit-inspired world has in turn inspired a lot of non-8-bit art. The internet is replete with talented artists and illustrators. Hopefully, this guide won’t just introduce you to some cool art to look at but it can galvanize you into following and supporting some of these artists.

Before you continue with the rest of the guide, please bear in mind that there may be some spoilers for gamers who haven’t completed all four-ish endings.

1. Best Undertale Frisk Fanart

Frisk is Undertale’s main playable character. Similar to most RPG protagonists, Frisk doesn’t have a fixed personality. It may be one of the reasons they’ve inspired so many fan stories and art. Frisk leaves so much to the imagination and their background isn’t very clear.

This gives both players and artists some room for interpretation. Frisk is ultimately a device to experience Undertale’s world. Although their own story and character traits may not be as absorbing as the other characters in the game, Frisk is still iconic.

Frisk by Delphine Grell

Frisk’s gender neutrality is why so many fans and artists gravitate to them. This fact is further exemplified by Delphine Grell‘s interpretation. It depicts Frisk sitting dawned in a crown of golden flowers next to a perplexed-looking Flowey. Both are centered in front of a non-binary flag.

Delphine Grell, a French artist, and cosplayer created this piece for Pride Month. You can follow them on Tik Tok, in addition to Instagram.



2. Best Undertale Toriel Fanart

It’s not hard to see why fans love Toriel so much. She acts as the player’s motherly figure. She’s one of the first benevolent characters you encounter in the game. In most cases, the player is ultimately the cause of her demise. Of course, there is a way to spare but it takes a bit of trickery.

Nevertheless, because Toriel is such a “mommy”-figure and many of the internet’s denizens struggle with severe cases of the Oedipus complex, there have been a lot of lewd illustrations of her. We’ll try to avoid anything that sexualizes her.

Toriel by Lune Snowtail

Lune Snowtail is an amateur artist and a Twitch Streamer. Much of their art borders on furry worship and isn’t safe for work. It shouldn’t be difficult to see why they chose to illustrate Toriel. Nevertheless, Lune’s interpretation is surprisingly tasteful and innocent. It depicts a spectacle-clad Toriel seated next to her fireplace while reading her favorite book of snail facts.

3. Best Undertale Sans Fanart

Sans the Skeleton is essentially Undertale’s mascot. If you choose to take the “genocide” route and play as a villain, he becomes a heroic antagonist and tries to take you down as the final boss. Toby Fox took Sans’s character design from his EarthBound Halloween Hack.

Some gamers have postulated that Sans is Ness, EarthBound’s/Mother’s main protagonist. This is what makes him such an intriguing character – besides his personality and penchant for puns.

Sans by Kaily

Kaily (_xkailyx_/kail.ydoodles) is another exceptional young artist. Her digital doodles primarily center around Sans. She has a variety of interpretations of him.

While there may be more fleshed-out visualizations of him, this particular monochromatic interpretation is striking because it paints him as a more tragic character.

Underneath the jokes and laissez-faire attitude resides a complicated character and Kaily’s illustration depicts him as somewhat broken. It’s quite a striking image.



4. Best Undertale Papyrus Fanart

Papyrus is San’s younger brother. He’s his brother’s antithesis. Papyrus is tall where Sans is short, obnoxious, and loud where Sans is more reserved, self-centered, and proud where Sans is relaxed, etc. Nevertheless, Papyrus is just as endearing as his brother despite his flaws. He’s one of Undertale’s funniest characters.

Papyrus by Tora Blue

Tora Blue is another artist and illustrator worth checking out. You can tell that she’s a huge Undertale fan by persuing through her Instagram account. She dedicates much of her content to the game. One of my favorite pieces is her Outertale interpretation of both Papyrus and Sans. Again, you should consider following her page.

5. Best Undertale Undyne Fanart

Despite her outward appearance and your initial interactions with her, Undyne is one of the sweetest characters in Undertale. Players mostly interact with her through phone calls – which is one of the most underappreciated aspects of the game.

Nevertheless, she’s the captain of the Royal guard and Papyrus’s best friend. Much like him, she’s self-assured bordering on arrogance but in an endearing way.

She’s also courageous, strong-willed, honorable, intelligent, and kind. Her fishlike appearance has inspired some interesting pieces of art.

Undyne by Gothik Angelica

So far, the pieces in this guide have primarily consisted of digital illustrations. Gothik Angelica’s offering is a little different. It’s drawn and shaded in colored pencil. Undyne is given a full set of red hair.

She looks fierce in her Royal Guard armor and signature eyepatch. Gothik Angelica is a Portuguese artist, cosplayer, and fandubber. You can follow her on her Instagram where she posts content regularly.



6. Best Undertale Flowey Fanart

What’s most admirable about Undertale is how Toby Fox manages to construct multi-dimensional fleshed-out characters despite the game’s 2D pixelated world. Flowey (or Azriel) is a great example of this. He’s the first character you meet in the game and is used to teach you the game mechanics

In most cases, Flowey is the game’s main antagonist but he isn’t a simple or superficial villain. Flowey has a tragic past that informs his kill-or-be-killed attitude. As such, many players and artists gravitate and relate to him. He’s just a wounded little flower.

Flowey By Gothic Angelica

Once again, Gothic Angelica makes an appearance in this guide. While there are tons of amazing pieces of Flowey fanart out there, this one reflects his two sides. Angelica’s drawing depicts Flowey’s friendly colorful facade and his true nefarious self represented as a shadow. This illustration was done using ink on white paper.



7. Best Undertale Alphys Fanart

I have a love-hate relationship with how Alphys is depicted in Undertale. While she’s an adorable and loveable weebo, she’s also every stereotype of a “nerd”. She’s also at the root (pun intended) of many of the main characters’ problems – having inadvertently created the Amalgamates, Mettaton, and Flowey.

Although, you can’t help feeling sorry for her and ultimately forgiving her because she beats herself up so much. She also means well but struggles with a severe case of imposter syndrome. Additionally, she’s one of the most useful and helpful characters in the game.

Of course, you’re bound to find gamers and artists who relate to her (like me). She’s another example of how progressive the game is and why many LGBTQ+ artists are huge contributors to the fan art community.

Alphys by Flynn Lewis

Flynn Lewis is an amateur artist that primarily specializes in feline furry art. In this piece, she depicts Alphys nervously trying to reign Mettaton in. Flynn has three different variations of this piece. You can support him by following him on Instagram.



8. Best Undertale Mettaton Art

“OH YESSSS!” Mettaton is one of Undertale’s most colorful characters – he’s such a rockstar. He’s a robot with a SOUL created by Alphys. Mettaton acts as an incompetent antagonist, only to help repair Alphys’s self-esteem and confidence.

Fans love him because of his flamboyant charm. He comes in two forms which should make his depictions quite interesting.

Mettaton by Emerson

This is personally one of my favorite pieces of fan art on the internet. It depicts Mettaton wearing a scarf surrounded by some of the game’s most notable characters with a mug that reads: “World’s Best Heater”.

This was digitally drawn by then 19-year-old artist Emerson (paintedhen). You can tell that he’s a huge fan of Mettaton by perusing his Instagram profile. He has many variations of the character worth checking out.



9. Best Undertale Asgore Art

Asgore or King Fluffyboy as he’s referred to by Papyrus is the Underground’s ruler. He’s a complicated character (like many of Undertale’s cast). Asgore isn’t inherently malevolent. He’s a quiet, kind, and gentle anthropomorphic goat that enjoys gardening.

Nevertheless, Asgore seeks to free all monsters by breaking the barrier that traps them in the underground. However, he requires 7 SOULs (from humans) which puts him at odds with the protagonist – particularly in the neutral route.

Again, it reminds us that it’s not our intentions or ideals that make us good or bad but our actions. Furthermore, it highlights how leaders are often forced to make hard decisions for the “good” of their people.

Asgore by wata_lemon03

wata_lemon03 is a Japanese artist and a huge Undertale fanart. In fact, most of their recent content consists of Undertale fanart. Nevertheless, I chose this particular illustration because it shows a softer side of Asgore with Flowey seemingly goading him on with a pair of scissors/shears. I like how the illustration looks like it was created using water paints.



10.  Best Group Undertale Art

This guide hasn’t covered all the characters who’ve had fan art dedicated to them as they may not be as popular as the ones listed above. However, some of them may make an appearance in this section.

Undertale by PokeyPokums

PokePokums group portrait features highly-stylized versions of the Undertale’s key characters. It’s clean, colorful, and an exceptional showcase of the artist’s talent.

Image from Twitter

Undertale by Mato

Mato’s art style is similar to PokePokums. However, they elected to use a nearly Where’s Waldo-esque style for their group fan art. Can you name all the characters in this fanart?

Image from Twitter


Undertale Fifth Anniversary by Kez

Image from Twitter

Kez is a Japanese animator and illustrator. They commemorated Undertale’s fifth anniversary by illustrating all the characters in Grillby’s pub. He mixes Cartoon Network’s modern art style with a Japanese anime style.

The results are a little rough but it’s fun to see nearly all the characters in one picture. Additionally, there are a few easter eggs strewn across the illustration.


Question: Can I play Undertale on my phone?

Answer: Unfortunately, there aren’t any official Android or iOS ports for Undertale. However, much like Undertale’s fan art, there are fan-made ports for Android. Although you must be careful when installing these ports as they may contain malware.

Question: What platforms is Undertale available on?

Answer: Undertale is available on PC (Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and  PlayStation Vita.

Question: Who made Underfell?

Answer: Underfell was created by Tumblr user Fella/Vic who first posted alternate universe fanart depictions of some of Undertale’s monsters. It introduces an opposite world-like scenario where all the benevolent monsters of the original game become malevolent savages.

Question: Will there be Undertale 2?

Answer: Yes, a sequel to Undertale is being developed. It will be named Undertale 2: Shadows of Time and will be released (hopefully) in the late summer of 2032.


So you’ve reached the end of this guide and you’ve discovered some awesome fanart and content creators to follow. There aren’t many happy endings in stories these days. That’s why I chose Emerson’s digital painting of Mettaton as my favorite piece of Undertale fan art. It’s wholesome and features good coloring and lighting.

Hopefully, the above guide recontextualizes Undertale for you and drums up some fond memories. You might even consider replaying it in hard mode. Or maybe it will inspire you to create some fanart of your own as you wait for the release of Undertale 2. Regardless, we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this guide. As always, thank you for reading happy gaming.

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