Alex Scowen

Alex, a seasoned writer at Indie Game Culture, has a lifelong passion for video games, literature, and anime. With roots in gaming that trace back to a cherished PS2, her expertise shines in indie games, appreciating their unique storytelling and innovation. An avid gamer and aspiring bestseller author, Alex has a special fondness for simulators, showcasing her diverse understanding of video gaming's narrative potential.

Goodbye Volcano High Review

Goodbye Volcano High Review – a Prehistoric Story for Modern Teens

Goodbye Volcano High takes place in a world of anthropomorphic dinosaurs living in a modern world like ours. The player controls Fang, a non-binary pterodactyl teenager entering their senior year of high school while trying to get their band, Worm Drama, off the ground. However, in this volatile time of attempting to pave a future […]

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Sun Haven Review

Sun Haven Review

Throughout history, all massive cultural phenomena are followed by a slew of content inspired by it, often looking to take a piece of the pie. This may sound cynical, but I’ve been burned by this trend enough times that when I was introduced to the Indie game featured in this Sun Haven review, I was

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Beacon Pines Review

Beacon Pines Review

As a storytelling medium, video games have revolutionized the craft. Video games allow consumers to engross themselves in stories like never before, and Beacon Pines is no different. This indie game will grip you from the start and refuses to let go, taking full advantage of the tools it has at its disposal. Beacon Pines,

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