Lawrence Serafico

Lawrence is a writer who will go out of his way to find the best indie gems out there. Due to his background in political science and literature, he loves when games aren’t afraid of discussing their beliefs and philosophies, something you barely see with AAA titles. He primarily enjoys games with cryptic lore and an overwhelming amount of in-game text. When Lawrence isn’t writing about games you can find him listening to a podcast, reading a book, or attempting to cook a foreign recipe he saw online. He’s also involved with local theatre productions and is willing to stay up all night writing meticulous feedback on your manuscript.

best hollow knight mods

Best Hollow Knight Mods

Hollow Knight was originally released in 2017 to universal acclaim. However, it has proven to be a modern classic, continuously garnering new players and even breaking its all-time concurrent player count on Steam last year. Team Cherry has created a beloved game with a dedicated community. The combination of its dreary atmosphere, unmatched exploration, challenging

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