Trombone Champ Best Custom Songs – Become the Tromboner You Were Born to Be

One sleeper hit that nobody saw coming in 2022 is Holy Wow’s Trombone Champ, a rhythm game where you play ‘you guessed it’ a trombone!

I’ve been playing rhythm games ever since DDR Euromix was released on the PlayStation, and I’ve been a massive fan of the genre ever since! Rhythm games are usually a niche affair, with only a select few (like Beat Saber) reaching mass market appeal.

It warms my heart to see a silly game about Trombones getting so much attention, and if you’re as obsessed with it as I am, custom songs are an easy way to get dozens more hours out of the game. If you want to put your ‘tromboning’ skills to the ultimate test, try these custom songs on for size!

Bottom Line Up Front

Custom content for Trombone Champ is still in its infancy, but it’s clear even now that the scene has a bright future. Even if you have a niche taste in music, you’ll find something you enjoy playing, and custom chart quality will only improve over time.

The best songs I’ve found are in the list below but if you know what you’re after, feel free to browse this google sheet full of over 1000 custom songs.

What Makes a Song ‘Good’?

I appreciate that every custom song is painstakingly created by a single person, but some are better than others. This isn’t unique to Trombone Champ. Whether you play DDR, Rhythm Doctor, or Beat Saber, there’s a huge variance in quality regarding user-created content. With this in mind, this is what I look for in a great custom chart.


Even if I love the song, it’s only worth playing if the chart is in time with the music. Unfortunately, if one input is out of sync, the entire chart usually follows.

Appropriate Difficulty

If a song is slow and simple, the chart needs to reflect that. I often see charts far more complex than the song entails, and it feels out of place. I love a manic turbo chart as much as anyone, but it must fit the music.

Intro Delay

This may seem like a nitpick, but I can’t stand charts that don’t give you at least a few seconds before the first input. The worst offenders have this the moment a song starts, and unless you know it’s coming, you’ll miss it. It may seem harsh to condemn a chart at the first hurdle, but they often become problematic in other areas too.

trombone champ

Selection Criteria

I’ve explained what makes a good chart, and every song in this list covers those bases. Aside from these criteria, each file also needs to obey the following:

  • One song per title
  • The song length must not exceed 5 minutes
  • Must have a working download link

The vast majority of popular Trombone Champ songs are based on music from anime and video games. To ensure every recommendation here isn’t just Final Fantasy XIV, I will follow a strict limit of one song per title.

Long songs are common in dance games, but they are typically justified as workout/stamina charts. I rarely come across Trombone Champ charts that are creative enough to carry a 5min+ marathon, hence the restriction.

Finally, the download link may be a moot point, but many excellent songs are showcased on YouTube. Sadly, they don’t all have the option to download; if that’s the case, I can’t feature them.

Welcome to the Custom Song Library

Naturally, any article like this is opinion-based, but I’ve tried to keep the genre’s varied. I have also made sure to pick a wide range of difficulties, so you’ll find songs to enjoy, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. If this is your first dive into the ocean of custom Trombone Champ content, check out the Useful Resources section below if you get stuck.

Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

trombone champ best custom songs rick-roll
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Song Length: 3:34
  • Creator: Deinonychus/Bobbie
  • Download Link

I can’t believe I’m starting this list with a Rick Roll, but Never Gonna Give You Up makes for a far better Trombone Champ chart than it has any right to!

If you’ve spent more than a day on the internet, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled across this famous song multiple times. The chart closely follows the lyrics and is more technical than you may think. There are a few places with rapid inputs that are tough to hit accurately, but with Rick Astley bouncing around in the background, it feels like a challenge. You HAVE to do it!

The download link for this song takes you to a YouTube page, where you can select the chart with or without vocals.

Floral Fury – Cuphead

trombone champ best custom songs floral fury
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 10/10
  • Song Length: 3:44
  • Creator: Silver
  • Download

It’s fitting that a song from Cuphead has an exceptionally tough chart to go with it. Floral Fury is a fast-paced Samba tune that goes all over the place! The chart closely follows all the technical frills and does a superb job at translating that into a Trombone Champ chart.

Some 10/10 difficulty charts get a little carried away with adding tricky inputs for the sake of it, but that’s not the case here. Everything in the chart feels ‘fair,’ and it’s clear a lot of work has gone into accurately following the music.

Friday Night (Yakuza)

trombone champ best custom songs friday night
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Song Length: 1:36
  • Creator: Cygnus
  • Download

I wasn’t prepared for the background to this song! Yes, that’s Master Chief and Arbiter taking over the dance floor. I have no idea why, but I’m all for it!

The song won’t be to everyone’s taste as it’s a disco tune from the Yakuza games. The chart compliments the music well and has you trying to land inputs all over the screen. One curious part about the song is the lyrics are missing. This means if you’re inaccurate, everyone is going to know!

It’s not a tricky chart, but your accuracy will be tested.

Gas Gas Gas

trombone champ best custom songs gasgasgas
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 10/10
  • Song Length: 3:16
  • Creator: ! 牛马谱师
  • Download

You may have seen this one doing the rounds on YouTube, as it’s an incredibly impressive chart. The video in question is played with an auto trombone, so it’s 100% accurate. Playing the song by hand is difficult, thanks to the speed and complex slide inputs.

Still, if you’re up for a challenge, Gas Gas Gas is a fast Eurobeat song, and even though the chart goes all over the place, it perfectly compliments the piece.

Accidentally in Love

trombone champ best custom songs accidentally in love
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Song Length: 3:02
  • Creator: Poop Dawg
  • Download

You may know Accidentally In Love from the Shrek 2 soundtrack. I love this chart because I had a real problem with songs that used the entire screen height when I was new. I simply couldn’t keep up and be accurate simultaneously, and it took a while to improve.

Accidently In Love is charted well and plays in a notably small, compact area. If you’re not quite there yet with your accuracy, this is a superb song to practice on.

Chocobo-Chocobo (Chocobo Theme FFIV)

trombone champ best custom songs chocobo
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Song Length: 0:56
  • Creator: RobPlayinGames
  • Download

If you’ve ever played a Final Fantasy game, you know the Chocobo theme. This is the Final Fantasy IV version, so the song is quite short, but there’s nothing wrong with a brief chart if it’s decent.

The song is surprisingly tricky as even though the tune is simple, there are many notes to hit in that minute! The Final Fantasy IV gameplay footage in the background is a pleasant addition and makes this one of the best Chocobo theme charts available for Trombone Champ.

Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)

trombone champ best custom songs green hill zone
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty 4/10
  • Song Length: 1:46
  • Creator: Deinonychus
  • Download

Green Hill Zone is a superb beginner chart. The song is simple, but the chart tests your accuracy as you play across a few different pitches.

The chart doesn’t do anything outstanding, but with a tune so straightforward, it doesn’t need to. If you’re finding your feet with Trombone Champ and feel many charts are beyond your skill set, I highly recommend this one.

The constant jumping up and down the screen is a skill that becomes essential for more complicated songs.

Haunted House

trombone champ best custom songs haunted house
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Song Length: 2:23
  • Creator: Slaw
  • Download

Haunted House by Snake Pool is a chirpy bit of pop music that doesn’t overstay its welcome and has a fun, simple chart to go with it. There are quite a few ‘hold’ inputs and slides, but they match the music well, and the entire song is played against a spooky animated background.

Although you won’t be able to focus on them while playing, the lyrics are a part of the music video instead of just scrolling below the song. It’s a small detail, making the chart feel professionally made.

Remix 10 DS

trombone champ best custom songs remix 10
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Song Length: 3:00
  • Creator: PauX
  • Download

If you’re into rhythm games, you’re in for a treat with this one. Remix 10 is one of the set pieces from the Rhythm Heaven series. The song may seem chaotic if you’ve never played it before, but it makes sense when you realize the music is from several minigames strung together. This makes for a technical bit of music, and the chart keeps up with the constant style changes remarkably well.

It’s clear a lot of care has gone into keeping the chart varied but appropriate, and the result is a superb file with a lot of replay value.

Return to Oblivion (Final Fantasy XIV)

trombone champ best custom songs oblivion
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Song Length: 4:46
  • Creator: Guardie
  • Download

Plenty of Final Fantasy XIV charts are available, but many miss the mark, whether through timing issues or patterns that don’t make sense. Return to Oblivion avoids all those pitfalls and offers a fun, well-paced chart that perfectly compliments the music.

The song is full of long, creative slides that follow the singer’s voice. If you need help with your ‘hold’ inputs, this is a great choice to practice them on.

On top of the solid chart, the song sports a gorgeous backdrop, complete with lyrics for your backup singers.

Nightmare King – Hollow Knight

trombone champ best custom songs nightmare king
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Song Length: 2:47
  • Creator: Silver
  • Download

I’ll admit, I didn’t expect to put any music from Hollow Knight on the list! Nightmare King is a powerful upbeat orchestral score and an excellent fit for Trombone Champ. The chart follows the tune perfectly and is quite challenging in parts.

Don’t be fooled by the song’s 5/10 rating. A 7/10 is more appropriate, as there are a few bouts of quick inputs that can catch you off guard.

Stardew Valley OST – Stardew Valley Overture

trombone champ best custom songs stardew
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 3/10
  • Song Length: 2:26
  • Creator: Shortie 132471
  • Download

I’ll admit I was skeptical when I found a Stardew Valley chart.
The music in the game is beautiful, but can it fit a Trombone Champ chart?

Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes! The Stardew Valley Overture is the tune that plays on the game’s main menu. It’s a slow song with plenty of long holds, making it perfect for a beginner. Remember, you can tap the button for extra-long ‘holds’ if you’re running out of breath!

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

trombone champ best custom songs eye of the tiger
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Song Length: 3:57
  • Creator: Deinonychus
  • Download

Eye Of The Tiger is another iconic song that’s exceptionally well charted. I have to commend the chart artist for this one, as they chose to follow both the lyrics AND the instruments.

This choice makes Eye of the Tiger a challenging chart to play accurately, but it’s fun, even if it starts to wear on your fingers! If you struggle to hit quick repeat inputs, this is a great chart to learn those on, as there are plenty of short sections full of them.

There’s not much to say about this song; everyone knows it, and I challenge you not to instinctively move your mouse to the music.

Take On Me

trombone champ best custom songs take on me
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Song Length: 3:42
  • Creator: Znedd1
  • Download

Take On Me is my favorite chart on this list and is a masterclass on how professional custom songs can be.

The chart perfectly matches the song and has several creative holds and slides to keep gameplay interesting. There’s a long slide in the middle of the song that triggers multiple hits, which is something you don’t see often.

Honestly, I have no clue how the chart creator made the background video, but it’s phenomenal. The original music video has the band wandering around a world made of sketches, and that’s somehow been recreated with Trombone Champ avatars. It’s incredible, and even if you have no interest in the song, It’s worth a look.

The Filthiest Trombone Solo

trombone champ best custom songs filth
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Song Length: 1:07
  • Creator: DBJS
  • Download

This chart is short and sweet and has you playing alongside a fantastic, real-life Trombone solo! This song comes complete with a video of a true master at work in the background.

Following a solo instead of a traditional song makes this chart stand out. I appreciate how reserved DBJS was as they shy away from unnecessary inputs. It makes for a fun chart that most players should be able to complete on their first attempt. Netting that S rank may take a few tries, though!

The Pink Panther Theme

trombone champ best custom songs pink panther
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Song Length: 2:37
  • Creator: QwertyGhosty
  • Download

The Pink Panther theme is iconic. It’s a simple tune, and playing something so well-known is always fun. One lovely touch with this chart is the backing track is missing the brass instruments.

It feels like you’re a part of the band instead of just adding noise on top, which is something you don’t see in many other charts.

I debated putting this chart on the list as there’s a long pause in the middle, but as it’s a genuine part of the song, it earns a pass.

Under the Sea

trombone champ best custom songs under the sea
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Song Length: 3:10
  • Creator: Esteban
  • Download

There is a strange absence of Disney songs for Trombone champ. Fortunately, the few I have found are great, and this is my favorite.

I love this chart; it has the scene from the movie in the background and bravely follows Sebastian’s lyrics. There are a couple of questionable parts in the chart, namely inputs for the steel drums, but they only detract a little from an otherwise superb song. Thanks to the song’s speed and how busy it is to play, this chart is much harder than the 6/10 rating suggests.

Fly Octo Fly – Ebb And Flow – Splatoon 2

trombone champ best custom songs splatoon
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Song Length: 3:06
  • Creator: Acing
  • Download

To my surprise, there are plenty of good Splatoon charts for Trombone Champ.

This is my pick because following Splatoon’s unique take on voices is no easy feat. Chart creator, Acing solves this problem with a good blend of quick inputs and slides. The chart itself isn’t difficult, and it’s a brilliant take on the song. Don’t be scared off by the song’s 10/10 rating. I presume this was added in error, as the chart is much closer to a 6/10 for difficulty.

This Is Halloween

trombone champ best custom songs halloween
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Song Length: 3:12
  • Creator: Samuran
  • Download

At least one song by Danny Elfman had to make it onto the list! This Is Halloween is a fun song, and Samuran has chosen to follow a mix of instruments and lyrics for the chart.

Although the lyrics appear on screen, this is the orchestral score, and these types of songs feel great in Trombone Champ as you’re left filling in a part of the band instead of adding to it.

The chart is straightforward, but there are a few parts where you need to accurately punch in three quick inputs. These are combo killers but satisfying when they go your way.


trombone champ best custom songs megalovania
This picture doesn’t do the song complexity justice. Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 10/10
    Song Length: 2:55
  • Creator: NyxTheShield
  • Download

There are plenty of Undertale charts available for Trombone Champ, and with a song as intricate as Megalovania, I was expecting this one to fall short.

I was wrong.

This chart is fantastic! Megalovania is a fast, lively song with tons going on. If you know the song, you know what you’re in for, and if you’ve never heard of it, I dare you to try it! If you don’t mind shredding your fingertips, it’s perfect.

Ghost Rule

trombone champ best custom songs ghost
Those eyes can pierce your soul… Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Song Length: 3:26
  • Creator: JoeTastic
  • Download

Don’t think Hatsune Miku is safe from the wrath of Trombone Champ. There’s something terrifying about watching a Tromboner doing one of Miku’s dances in the background.

Still, the song is superbly charted, and there are a ton of creative inputs throughout. JoeTastic does a great job of fitting the Trombone score with Miku’s voice, and the long, warbling hold notes work perfectly.

Word of warning, this is different from any 7/10 I’ve ever played. This song is tough; a 9/10 would be more accurate.

Planet Wisp (Act 1)

trombone champ best custom songs planet wisp
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Song Length: 2:43
  • Creator: Macitron
  • Download

I was on the lookout for more great charts for the classic Sonic games, but I couldn’t find anything that could top this.

Planet Wisp is from Sonic Colors and works much better than the original games because the song has real instruments. Macitron doesn’t add anything outstanding, but the chart follows the piano perfectly. Considering all the little off-beat notes the piano hits, it feels great to follow along with the Trombone. This is an enjoyable chart for the first playthrough, and it will take several attempts for a perfect score.

Deja Vu

trombone champ best custom songs deja vu
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Song Length: 4:01
  • Creator: Gloomhonk
  • Download

To bring this list to a close, let me leave you with one of the most accomplished songs I’ve seen so far. The chart is fantastic, fits the music perfectly, and the background video is brilliant!

Deja Vu is a lively piece of Eurobeat that works perfectly with Trombone Champ. There’s a decent range of holds and slides throughout the song, and it’s so fast-paced you’re kept busy for the entire 4 minutes.

The background video is a street race at night but with a Trombone Champ avatar hanging out of the car window playing his heart out. It’s ridiculous and still makes me smile every time I play. If you can manage a 7/10, I can’t recommend the chart enough.

Honourable Mentions

Advent: One Winged Angel

trombone champ best custom songs one wing
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 9/10
  • Song Length: 6:01
  • Creator: Henry Zhou’s Textbook
  • Download

This song smashes my 5min limit, but aside from that, it has everything I look for in a superb chart. This is the Black Mages rendition of One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy 7, which means it’s much heavier than you may remember!

This is a technical bit of music, and the chart does a great job of keeping up with creative inputs. Even if you’re not ready to try a 9/10, I recommend downloading it to see the incredible backing video. I have no idea how they did it, but the chart creator has managed to make an entire music video with Sephiroth playing the trombone from multiple angles. It’s just as impressive as the chart itself.

Hole in One

trombone champ best custom songs hole in one
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Song Length: 1:44
  • Creator: SynthesisCT

Hole In One lands in the Honourable Mentions section, as it’s my 2nd pick from Rhythm Heaven. Remix 10 DS inches it out, thanks to how accomplished the chart is, but it wouldn’t be right to leave this one out.

Hole In One is led by a saxophone that goes all over the place! The Saxophone tune is complex, but the Trombone chart does a great job of keeping up, and it’s full of creative slides and holds that feel great to play.

Definitely one of the harder 5/10’s but a superb Rhythm Heaven chart nonetheless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I can complete official charts of (insert difficulty here), but I can’t do the same with custom charts. Why is that?

Answer: The chart creator picks what difficulty they deem accurate for their chart, but as everyone has their own opinions on what makes charts easy or hard, there are a lot of variances.

Question: I need help with Trombone Champ’s controls, any tips?

Answer: You can use the mouse buttons to hit notes in Trombone Champ but using the keyboard is more precise. You can use more than one finger for faster button presses too. By default, scrolling up and down is inverted in Trombone Champ. You can change this in the options menu, but whatever control scheme you pick, stick with it, as it’ll become muscle memory faster.

Question: Why are all of my inputs out of time?

Answer: Every monitor has a different refresh rate which can generate a small amount of input lag. Fortunately, you can offset your timing to counter this in the options menu.

Useful Resources

  • There are a couple of things you need to watch out for when you add custom songs to Trombone Champ. You can view a quick and simple tutorial here
  • If you want to sift through a library of over 1000 custom songs, you can check out this google docs sheet. Please be aware the songs on this sheet vary massively in quality and style, but it’s possible to find a few hidden gems here.

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