Best Hollow Knight Plush

Best Hollow Knight Plush Guide

When I first got my Nintendo Switch, I was so excited to play all these new games I had seen advertisements for. When purchasing my Switch, I decided to get Super Mario Odyssey and physically (or mentally) could not put it down. 

After completing the main story mode and quitting after I could not complete the harder stages, I decided to look for some other games. I got and played through Pokkėn Tournament, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pokėmon Sword and Shield, and Stardew Valley.

After some time, I started looking for a game that was going to challenge me and take a while to complete. I was wandering through Target with a grande cold brew with sugar-free vanilla and almond milk, as most young adults my age do, and saw the cutest little character on a game cover and had to get it. 

That character was the Knight from Hollow Knight, and I wish I had never seen him and his (or her) all-black eyes. To this day (almost a year and a half later), I still have not completed the game. However, the simple (yet artistic) designs and the problematic gameplay allowed me to enjoy it. 

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Though I hate this game to my core, the characters are adorable! And you know what makes them even more adorable? When they are in plush form!

Best Hollow Knight Plush: Selection Criteria

hollow knight plush

I decided to highlight a variety of factors that lead me to believe these plushies are good purchases. I will discuss each plushie’s price, how big or small it is, the material it is made of, and whether or not I would buy it.

I will also be providing a pro and con list of each plushie, but keep in mind, that those positive and negative will be my personal opinions. 

Of all the plushies in this article, the one by Fan Gamer and Team Cherry is definitely my favorite. Gamers across the world are constantly dreaming and thinking about how it would be to live in their favorite video game world.

Fan Gamer and Team Cherry did a phenomenal job bringing this plushie to life. Since the eyes glow and the plushie makes some sounds (with the help of a voice box), it feels like you are holding a real Hollow Knight. 

Your Average Grimm, Hollow Knight, or Hornet Plushie

Your Average Grimm, Hollow Knight, or Hornet Plushie

Let us start out with everyone’s favorite website, Amazon. The brand WYMDDYM has a wide variety of items for sale on Amazon. Some of those items are protein powder, vitamins, keychains, canned pineapples, and these adorable Hollow Knight plushies!

If you are going this route, you have three options to choose from. You can pick the Hollow Knight, the Hornet, or the Grimm. While the three characters have noticeable high differences in the game, all three plushies are about a foot tall. Each plushie comes out to 19.99 plus whatever shipping fee you may have added to the total. These plushies are pure cotton and have good reviews all around. 


  • I like how this seller has multiple options. You can pick your favorite of the three they offer.
  • I’m a very impatient person. So being able to get this plushie in two days with Amazon Prime is a huge win.


  • The price is a little high for me. If the plushie was a bit bigger, I could understand. However, (for myself living in California), the final price comes to almost 22 dollars. Not a huge difference, but I am always cautious when purchasing online.
  • Furthermore, some of the reviews mention the sizing being off. That alone is not a huge deal, but it is worth mentioning. 

I need to be honest off the bat. I am very cautious, yet stupid, with my money. What I mean by that is that instead of spending 20ish dollars on a Hollow Knight plush, I would get venti Pumpkin Cream Cold Brews from Starbucks. With that being said, I can not see myself purchasing this product.

It is cute, but not cute enough for me.

Plush Keychains For The go

Anime Merch Anime Plush Hollow Plush Set Gifts for Men Women

TUNDOIT’s Amazon store is filled with anime and gaming-related content. They carry Demon Slayer earrings, Minecraft stickers, My Hero Academia wallets, and these mini Hollow Knight plushies. 

Right off the bat, I love how for 15.99, you get all four of these keychain plushies. One of the reviewers mentioned his son wears them on his backpack. That alone is a good enough reason to justify (to myself) purchasing them. They are made of polyester, and each keychain is between 3.6’’ and 4.3’’ inches. 


  • This page is a bargain! You get all four of these keychains for 15.99 (and whatever shipping and taxes are for you).
  • Again, I am not a fan of waiting, so this being an Amazon Prime item is a huge bonus for me.


  • They are small, so if they fall off your keys or backpack, do not expect to ever see them again.
  • Something else I noticed was that this item only has one review. Though it is a positive one, you only have one person’s word to justify this purchase.

When it comes to these keychains, I can see myself purchasing them. Do you know how everyone likes to collect something? Some people do shot glasses, others do Starbuck cups, and I do keychains.

I pin them up to my wall, and I think these key chains would make adorable additions.

The Living Shadow Knight

Shade Musical Plush

When I was scrolling through Google and came across this Hollow Knight plushie by Fan Gamer and Team Cherry, my jaw fell straight to the floor. Besides being absolutely adorable, the eyes glow in the dark, and the plushie has a voice box. 

I could not find any details about the material, but verified buyer Mark F. mentioned that “the fabric is soft and high quality.” The plushie stands at 10 inches but costs 32 dollars.


  • This plushie is absolutely amazing! While a lower price was a con for an item above, I believe this plush is absolutely worth the money.
  • It seems well put together, and the various positive comments can vouch for that.


  • There are some electrical components to the plushie. So the plushie may be more on the fragile side. Unless you are good with electrical components (if any of them break), you may have to send it in for repairs or purchase a new one completely. 

I said earlier that I was somewhat careful with my spending, but this plushie is too cool to pass by. The design is spot on, and the glowing eyes and voice box are amazing additions. The price of this item does not bug me too much, and I think this product is worth the money.

The One Time Walmart Beats Target

The One Time Walmart Beats Target

As a die-hard Target shopper (I even have my own Red Card), it made me sad that Walmart had something Target did not. However, I did find an amazing variety of Hollow Knight plushies. 

All six of the plushies come out to a base rate of fifteen dollars, are about a foot tall, and are made of cotton. 


  • One of the best things I have to say about this is the variety of plushies you can pick. Some may be looking for the Hollow Knight, while others are looking for the Shadow Knight. Or maybe you are a fan of the old man who spends his days in the village.
  • A close second to the variety is the price. A base price of fifteen dollars is not bad. The low price combined with the variety allows you to pick up multiple plushies without spending too much. 


  • The only negative thing I have to say about this product is the lack of reviews.

However, I am extremely conflicted. On one hand, Walmart is a huge chain that has been producing and selling products for decades. On the other thing, you have no one to vouch for you, and Walmart (along with every other huge shopping chain out there) sells some questionable items. 

The positive factors and significant negatives make this a high-risk, high-reward purchase. I can see myself purchasing a couple of plushies and being happy with them. However, I can also see myself regretting the purchase I made. 

After considering everything, I could bring myself to purchase two of them. The plushies are cute and on the cheaper side. So, if they turn out to be bad products, I did not lose too much money. On the flip side, if they turn out to be good products, I would buy the rest of the set. The completionist in me would not be able to stand only having two of six.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is it important to know the material of the plushies?

Answer: Knowing the differences between fabrics can help you choose a plushie that may be more suited for you. 

One of the biggest differences between cotton and polyester is that polyester is stronger than cotton. I, like many people, have a couple of pets, and my pets have been known to destroy stuffed animals when they get ahold of them. Getting the plushies made of polyester gives me a little extra time to stop them from destroying them. 

Some other differences between cotton and polyester are as follows:
• Cotton can absorb moisture, while polyester is hydrophobic (in 2022, wow polyester). 
• Polyester can sometimes stick to the skin, but that does not happen with cotton items. 
• After a couple of washes, cotton starts to shrink. However, polyester can keep its shape for years. 
• If you have allergies or sensitive skin, cotton would be better. However, there is a chance your skin can handle the polyester. 
• You can also consider these facts when purchasing clothes or backpacks!

Question: Would you personally buy any of these plushies?

Answer: Now, I know I said the plushie by Fan Gamer and Team Cherry was my favorite, but the way I think about buying things is a little different than others my age. I live in California, and I am lucky enough to make a bit over minimum wage. The plushie is 32 dollars, and after shipping and taxes, it comes out to 39.80 (you may have a different shipping and taxes cost). 

For the sake of simplicity, let us say I made 15 an hour. I would need to work three to four hours to afford this plushy. Depending on the week, when my bills are due, and if I need gas, I may have a little extra money, and I love to spend it on myself. 

My grand answer is I would buy these plushies myself, under some specific circumstances. 

Question: How did you find all of these items?

Answer: If you are looking for a different plushie, here are some sites you can check. If it is anything gaming or anime-related,,,,, or may have what you are looking for. 

You can also simply type in what you are looking for into Google. For example, when I was researching this article, typing “Hollow Knight plushies” in Google helped me find WYMDDYM on Amazon. Finding WYMDDYM on Amazon also helped me find TUNDOIT’s store on Amazon. 
If you are looking for something particular, try being more descriptive with your Google search. For example, if I was looking for the keychains on TUNDOIT’s Amazon page, I might type in “Hollow Knight Plushie KeyChains.”


While I have not touched Hollow Knight in over a year, this article makes me want to pick it up again. However, for the sake of my sanity, I may wait until I have a mini vacation. I do not need to mix life, work, and video game stress into one day. 

Discover the Enigmatic World of Hollow Knight | GOG

Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful world of "Hollow Knight," where every step unveils secrets and challenges waiting to be conquered. With its captivating art style and intricate gameplay, embark on an epic journey filled with mystery, danger, and discovery unlike any other.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

While these plushies are adorable and would make an excellent addition to any set up, be mindful about how you spend your money. Some of them are expensive, and it is easy to group a bunch of cheaper/reasonably priced items together and spend a bit. Remember, you have bills to pay, a furbaby to take care of, and a mouth to feed. 

Be smart, but also treat yourself. 

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