Tallis Spalding

Tallis is an avid writer and gamer, frequently indulging in a plethora of indie titles, with some of her favorites being Hades, Stardew Valley, and Inscryption. Being able to write about any of her favorite titles proves to be the perfect way to explore their mechanics and their lore. As a bonus, writing about all of her favorites also incentives finding new indie titles and expanding her list of favorites.

hades zagreus guide

Hades Zagreus Guide

Please be aware that this article contains spoilers for the game. Proceed at your own risk. My first impression of Zagreus was that he was snarky and quick-witted, who had a minor fear of his father’s wrath but not enough self-preservation instincts to listen to that fear. As I continued to play through the game, …

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hades items guide

Hades Items Guide

There is a bounty of items within Hades, all of which have unique functions and aspects. Certain items, like Keepsakes and Companions, can only be gained in the later game and upon successfully winning the friendship or (some) affections of the NPCs Zagreus can interact with. Regardless, this guide will walk through each item in …

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