House Flipper Best Houses

House Flipper Best Houses Guide

House Flipper is one of the best brain-off games I have come across. Unlike other simulator games, House Flipper doesn’t prove to be nearly as tedious in some of its tasks and offers enough variety to keep even the most distractable of brains in check.

For me, this proved to be amazing, and I quickly found myself cruising through the Housing Market on House Flipper fairly soon after I started playing. Throughout my many hours of playing House Flipper, I found some of my favorite homes to go through.

Unsurprisingly, most of my favorite houses to flip ended up being the spooky ones (who thought a relaxing indie game like House Flipper could take on some horror elements and succeed?). Even still, there are a lot of homes to pick from, and some of them hold some fun aesthetics or neat references.

In this guide, you’ll find some of the House Flipper best houses to flip in and some tips when going through them!

Bottom Line

In House Flipper, the best overall Cyberpunk-themed house is A Room for Enhancements, though the best one to start with is the Hacker Loft. The best of the spooky houses is the Castle, though Horror movie fans will love Samarta Myers’ House. Room 404, on the other hand, is the closest you’ll get to turning House Flipper into a horror game.

The Turtle House is great for Dragon Ball Z fans and those who enjoy hunting for hidden items. Alone Home is a blast from the past for those of us who grew up watching Home Alone, and the house on the Moon is a blast from the future for those wondering what life in space is really like (sans the realistic physics).


After Cyberpunk 2077 came out, the love for this aesthetic arguably exploded in popularity. House Flipper was not one to snub their nose at the hype and put a few houses in that utilized that aesthetic.

Hacker Loft

hacker loft
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding
  • Price: $99,510.25

The Hacker Loft is the best area to start out if you’re new to the game or new to flipping houses. Not too expensive, this Hacker Loft is a perfect way to break into the Cyberpunk world of House Flipper. It stars the massive windows of all the Cyberpunk homes, giving just enough of a view into the neon-lit world outside.

If you plan on painting the walls and cleaning the windows here, however, you better be prepared to make use of the scaffolding available to you in the menu. The hardest parts are just making the non-customizable furniture work with the customizable furniture and not having nearly enough wall space to make use of the Cyberpunk paintings.

A Room for Enhancements

a room for enhancements
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding
  • Price: $116,221.70

Oddly enough, this Cyberpunk home steps away from the cyberpunk aesthetic to exchange it for a gothic one. Unfortunately, with the way the cyberpunk lighting works, it makes it hard to see (so be prepared to boost your brightness or turn on your head flashlight).

However, this home may inspire you to step away from painting the walls and use some wallpaper instead. This home is a step up in price from the Hacker Loft, but you get a fair bit more space to work with.

The layout is somewhat similar, with a large and open room, but you get some added bonuses like a closed-off kitchen and bedroom. Plus, even better than the last one, you actually have enough wall space to hang the biggest Cyberpunk art pieces.

Be prepared to use the tallest scaffolding and move a lot of furniture around if you want to switch out the lights on the ceiling, though.

A Quick Tip:

If you’re trying to sort through all of the furniture available to you, try using the tag filter. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to locate the limited amount of Cyberpunk and Gothic furniture in the game.


There are some fun and spooky homes to take on in House Flipper. One is in an apartment, Room 404; another was once the home of the infamous Michael Myers, and the last can only be what one would deem as Dracula’s Castle. Each one of these homes has its unique quirks and secrets that only you can uncover.

Room 404

room 404
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding
  • Price: $83,920.23

This is the cheapest horror house (apartment) you can get your hands on. This entire house is offputting, with doors that randomly open and close sans the front door, which bares some pretty heavy chains crossing it. Dishes will be thrown, breaking on the tile of the corner kitchen, and at one point, some shoes will stock you through the house.

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I was genuinely jump-scared by House Flipper in Room 404. After the shoes are done stocking you, a ceiling fan will fall in the living room, which should (more or less) signal the end of the haunt.

With the cheaper price comes a smaller space to work with as well, so keep that in mind before you buy. If you like the challenge of making a smaller area work, then Room 404 may just be the perfect haunted nook for you to work in.

Samarta Myers’

samarta myers home
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding
  • Price: $253,721.07

Before you get carried away at Samarta Myers’ home, turn around, and you’ll see a “friend” lingering in the background. Keep going on about your day, and he’ll keep moving around – so don’t take your eyes off of dear Michael for too long.

Also, don’t do what I did: immediately bury the coffin in the backyard because you’re curious and have no idea what it will do. As soon as the coffin is buried, the curse on the house is lifted, and you’ll miss all the interesting secrets and horror elements of the game. Michael will immediately disappear, and you won’t be able to find the body inside.

The time will immediately switch to day, though that doesn’t necessarily take away from the creepy elements of the game and the strange layout of the house’s basement.


Screenshot by Tallis Spalding
  • Price: $535,993.94

The Castle is hands down my favorite house in the entirety of the game. Not only does it have a gorgeous background outside, but I’m a complete sucker for vampires and the gothic look.

Unfortunately, this house also happens to be the most expensive one that you can get your hands on. If you’re trying to speed run your way to the Castle, I recommend buying houses to flip, doing the bare minimum in cleaning, and immediately selling them to get 20,000 – 50,000 in profit.

This Castle is a joy to explore before cleaning – which you absolutely must do. Some footprints lead to secret rooms, which, if you mop away before tracking, may become secret forever.

Uncover the vampiric secrets that haunt this manor and maybe make it your own office. After all, it’s the most expensive game in the house – may as well flex a little.

To clean this house, you have to pull out all of your tools, so be careful not to sell any scaffolding before you’re certain you don’t need it.

A Quick Tip:

If you’re finding you’re spending too much on paint, I recommend buying a large can of the cheapest paint you can get and a small of the color you want. Fill up your brush with the cheap color, and then tap your roller on your can of small paint. Immediately your roller will turn that small paint can’s color without using a single drop from the can.


There are a few other amazing games to work on in House Flipper that don’t quite fit into any specific aesthetic category. What follows are the best of the “other” available options to pick through.

Turtle House

turtle house
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding
  • Price: $90,453.00

Dragon Ball Z fans, rejoice, for you have found your home! This home is a reference to the anime, formerly belonging to Master Roshi. This house is covered in tiny references that only a keen eye will spot – small notes here and there, clippings, and seven “flipper bells” (more recognizable as Dragon Balls) that are hidden both inside and outside of the house.

Make sure you take the time to find them and place them in their special display case. Once you’ve found all seven of the flipper bells, you can change the day and night with the press of a button. Some of these balls can be tricky to find, so make sure you scour the entire island and all of the cabinets in the house for them.

Alone Home

alone home
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding
  • Price: $437,374.27

Added in one of their Christmas updates, Alone Home is the perfect nostalgic place for fans of the Home Alone movies. Throughout this house, you can find tricky references to Kevin McCallister and the Wet Bandits.

Although you won’t be setting up any traps, you will be fixing the mess that was left behind. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to the house’s attic, so it’s not an entirely faithful re-creation of the house.

This house is one of the biggest in the game and is a monumental task to clean up and repair. Fortunately, you should make a pretty penny or two selling all of the furniture.

On the Moon

on the moon
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding
  • Price: $482,978.88

Yes, you can go to the Moon, and yes, you should go to the Moon. Surprisingly enough, this moon base is not the most expensive one you can buy with all your hard-earned money. However, it is still expensive and, in every essence of the word, absolutely worth it.

On the Moon has one of the coolest areas you can explore in the entirety of House Flipper. Both the exterior and the interior have some unique aspects offered, from the outdoor garden pods to the futuristic (yet recognizable) interior.

The only sad part is you’re still confined to the standard gravity of the rest of the game. Regardless, being able to sit and marvel at the earth from your computer screen while you clean up the Moon’s surface for some random resident to move into is a nice break.

The only part I really don’t like about this base is that it doesn’t give you much creative material to work with, making it easier to sell the entirety of the interior and begin from scratch. I spent a lot on paint in this base.

A Quick Tip: 

Before you go into these big houses that demand a lot of time and effort, try to make sure your skills are all leveled up as much as they can be. It’ll make the work in these houses a lot faster, and you’ll be able to get every last piece of dirt.

House Flipper is great, but my love for each area can only last so long before I like to move on. The faster I can flip, the better!


Question: Is House Flipper a Horror Game?

Answer: Not necessary. In the houses that are supposed to be horror or have horror elements, the game will give you a warning prior to entering and ask if you want to turn all the scares and spooks off.

For those who don’t like horror but want to go through all of the houses, you should make sure to take this option. Once you say no, you’re subjected to House Flipper horror.

Question: Is House Flipper Multiplayer?

Answer: At the moment, no, House Flipper is not multiplayer. For the foreseeable future, it looks like it will remain a single-player game, which is unfortunate. It seems like a brilliant and fun idea to flip virtual homes with your friends!

Question: Where Can I Play House Flipper?

Answer: At the moment, House Flipper is only available on macOS, Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. If you’re getting it on PC, you’ll have to buy it through Steam.


I had a lot of doubts about House Flipper before I picked it up. I had seen a few YouTubers play it here and there, but it seemed like another boring simulator game that demanded you turn your brain off to get through tedious gameplay. After I started to seriously play it, though, I quickly found myself putting hours into the game without complaint.

I liked to move through the quick jobs and grab some cash before going and buying the houses I was interested in. Unlike a lot of games, House Flipper gave me a chance to relax while still doing one of my favorite hobbies: gaming.

On the plus side, it’s the perfect game to listen to audiobooks or podcasts to while playing (college students, I’m looking at you). House Flipper is a great simulator game that subverts the tediousness of some simulator games and the complicated mechanics of others, with some houses for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you like the traditional aesthetic of modern housing, the futuristic of cyberpunk, or the gothic nature some of these homes embody, House Flipper has a little bit of (almost) everything.

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