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Xbox At Gamescom 2023 – Our Behind The Scenes Experience

It was a last-minute stroke of dumb luck that led to me attending Gamescom 2023. Xbox Fanfest is always held in different locations globally, and this year it coincided with Gamescom in Cologne Germany. There’re always thousands of entrants for a limited number of tickets, so I never dreamed that I’d end up attending. Sure …

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Our Favorite Indie Game Projects From GMTK Game Jam 2023

The life of the indie game developer is a tough one. It’s an existence that is haunted by missing lines of code, usually hampered by a lack of regular sleep, and the pressure of an entire project resting on your shoulders. It’s not an enviable position, but the end product after all these hardships tends …

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What is Itch.Io?

What is Itch.Io?

Beyond writing and playing video games, I also love to make video games and video game assets. I, like many kids, grew up playing flash games on the internet. In high school, I learned how to make my own games with flash and eventually progressed to making games with Unity and Unreal Engine. Despite my …

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Best Undertale Fanart

Undertale exemplifies the modern indie game’s ability to capture the imaginations of gamers through riveting storytelling, an enveloping soundtrack, and refreshing RPG game mechanics. Many have debated whether video games are an art form. Undertale and games of its ilk should emphatically prove that they are. And as the late American author, Susan Vreeland once …

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Hollow Knight Fan Art

Best Hollow Knight Fan art

Team Cherry created something extraordinary when they developed Hollow Knight. Since its release in 2017, it’s become an indie sensation, and rightfully so. This action-packed Metroidvania poses a serious challenge to even seasoned gamers. The game introduces a vast world with intriguing lore, and there are so many fascinating characters. These settings and characters have …

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