SAGE 2023 Kicks Off with 200+ New Indies and Fangames

Do you like Sonic The Hedgehog, at least conceptually? Do you like seeing a bunch of great fangames and fresh new indies inspired by the blue blur, at least partially?

Well, I happen to know a lovely collection of 240 debut indie games, fangames of several different franchises, mods, and frameworks for games to be built off, known as SAGE 2023.

SEGA Announces SAGE 2023 Event For September | The Nerd Stash

If you haven’t heard of it before, SAGE stands for Sonic Amateur Games Expo. It originally started as a place to show off exclusively Sonic fangames but has since blossomed into a showcase primarily consisting of indies making their original ideas with a hint of Sonic inspiration, usually as their first big project or close to it.

If you want to see a ton of smaller indie games every year, SAGE is the place where many of them get shown off, and if you like Sonic, then some of the fangames on display are so impressive they rival some of the games that SEGA puts out.

I’ll be diving into some of the highlights that I’ve found, but I’d absolutely recommend looking through the catalog yourself!

SAGE 2023 Fan Games

Sonic Adventure DS

One of the fangames I’ve had on my radar for a long time is the fan remake of Sonic Adventure for the Nintendo DS.

It doesn’t just look like it runs on the handheld from 2005; it does, and you can run it on your DS if you still have it, which is lovely and charming while also being a decently competent and playable de-make.

Sonic The Fighters Blitz Hyper Edition

Aside from just having a bunch of random words in the title, Sonic The Fighters Blitz Hyper Edition mainly strives to be a different take on the concept of a Sonic Fighting Game compared to the actual Sonic The Fighters, trying to be more Street Fighter than Tekken, and it looks fantastic. It’s just a great concept and super cool execution.

Sonic Horizons

This one is similar to Sonic Frontiers but aims to have more physics-based platforming and trying to be just a bit more open. It looks enjoyable, and this is one that I’ll undoubtedly be playing when I’m done writing this.

It incorporates the open-zone design of Frontiers with mechanics like the wall-running from Sonic Lost World, and it looks fantastic.

SAGE 2023 Original Indies

Toree Saturn

This one may feel like cheating to some since it’s from a decently well-established game dev, but Toree Saturn is the third entry in the Toree series, mainly known for being an excellent platformer for only a dollar or two. Honestly, I’ve checked out this whole series. It’s really fun, and this one is no exception.

Dono’s Tale

Honestly, this one looks incredibly charming and fun. Dono’s Tale has the aesthetic of Yoshi’s Island but is a bit more fast-paced, playing similar to a fusion of Kirby and Sonic.

Just watching the trailer shows how cool this little game looks, and I’d recommend checking it out; it looks adorable, fast, and fun, and it’s definitely up your alley if you love Yoshi’s Island.

Frogun Encore

Finally, the sequel to a tiny but cult classic indie 3D platformer, Frogun Encore, looks as high quality as the original.

If you like N64 or PS1 era-styled games and want a cutesy 3D platformer that uses a grappling hook, now with co-op and quite a bit of customization, I’d recommend checking this one out; it looks great.

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