honey i joined a cult review

Honey I Joined a Cult Review: Building a Morally Bankrupt Utopia

Cults management sims are wacky. Whether we’re sacrificing our followers to an Eldritch being from the great beyond or poisoning the punch for giggles, cult sims offer an excellent power trip for the morally ambiguous entrepreneur. While most cult management sims have stuck to core elements of managing a secret society, like Cult of the …

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Scorn Review

Scorn Review: Twisted, Macabre, and Boring

Scorn, one of the most unique-looking titles to release in 2022, was heavily inspired by the artwork of two artists you’re probably unintentionally familiar with. H.G. Geiger and Zdzisław Beksiński. Geiger was the visionary visual artist for the original Alien movie, and Zdzisław Beksiński reached internet fame with his confusing, grotesque, and darkly expressive paintings. …

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Triple Take Review

Triple Take Review

There’s an age-old technique in writing that states things are more satisfying when they come in threes. I can say without hesitation that after playing through FlyAway’s Triple Take, this is not entirely true. In fact, after sinking nearly eight hours into the punishingly difficult precision platformer, it wasn’t the fact that I had to …

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serial cleaners review

Serial Cleaners Review

“New York is a sucked orange”. That was philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson’s indictment, anyway: the city as a depraved cesspit bled dry of any value. It’s the antithesis of the old metaphor insinuating a limitless bounty of opportunity: the Big Apple. Or perhaps those two analogies are more interwoven than they first seem. In the …

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Beacon Pines Review

Beacon Pines Review

As a storytelling medium, video games have revolutionized the craft. Video games allow consumers to engross themselves in stories like never before, and Beacon Pines is no different. This indie game will grip you from the start and refuses to let go, taking full advantage of the tools it has at its disposal. Beacon Pines, …

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Potion Permit Review

Potion Permit Review

Let me be the first to tell you that in school, Chemistry was quite easily one of my worst subjects. When faced with the proposition of learning the periodic table and trying to understand the chemical reactions that take place between certain liquids and metals, I instead decided to create a game where a friend …

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