Moonstone Island Spring Temple Guide

For anyone who is burned out with the surplus of cozy games, life sims, and farming simulators, Moonstone Island may be the breath of fresh air you need. Moonstone Island has all the trappings of a Farming Sim like Stardew Valley, but with a Legend of Zelda edge to it, and a sprinkling of Slay the Spire for good measure.

Well, if you’re intrigued, then you might want to know how to clear the game’s first major temple that will be reachable as soon as you craft a Balloon to get from Island to Island.

The Moonstone Island Spring Temple can initially be a tough nut to crack, but with this guide, you’ll be able to get the offerings you need and beat the bosses within with ease. Here is Indie Game Culture’s Moonstone Island Spring Temple Guide.

Moonstone Island Spring Temple Location

As mentioned, you’ll be able to use your Balloon to get to the Spring Temple very early in the game. Unlike other islands, which are randomized, the Moonstone Island Spring Temple always appears in the same spot.

To craft a balloon, you’ll need the following:

  • 9x Fiber
  • 3x Cloth

1x Cloth is created via the crafting menu in exchange for 3x Fiber, and Fiber is found by using your Scythe on tufts of grass. When you have 3x Cloth, you can then craft a Balloon.

Then simply take to the skies, and upon arrival at the Spring Temple, you will find the enigmatic and rather strange-looking Magic Man, along with a Stone Pedestal, where you can offer items to gain entry.

How To Unlock The Spring Temple

After Arriving and chatting with The Magic Man, you will start the ‘Gain The Earth Seal’ quest. Which, as you might have guessed, is in the Spring Temple. You will need to make specific offerings at each of the three Stone Pedestals. Here is what you will need to bring along:

  • Stone Fruit – Grows on most Islands during Spring
  • Cattail – Grows near bodies of water in Spring
  • Copper Ingot – Ore can be found in Dungeons and Mines, then 3x Ore must be smelted in Furnace
  • Iron Ingot – Ore can be found in Dungeons and Mines, then 3x Ore must be smelted in Furnace
  • Clay – Is produced by Spirits in the Spirit Barn (Requires 100x Wood, 100x Stone, 3x Iron Ingot, and 1x Moonstone Ingot) and is crafted via a Moonstone Enchanter
  • Moonstone – One can be found on each Island once per season. They glow, so they are easiest to find at night

Spring Temple Enemies Guide

There is only one type of Spirit that you’ll encounter here, acting as this area’s miniboss encounter. You will have to fight two of these Spirits to proceed, or tame them if you prefer. Here is a rundown of Longlog’s details:

  • Boss Name: Longlog
  • Level: 8
  • Health: 150
  • Armor: 3
  • Weak to: Poison, Electric

The best course of action here is to use Spirits like Marsha, found on the Poison Islands, or if you chose Capacibee, they can be really useful too.

Ideally, you’ll want to have a team of Spirits tamed and all of them to be around Level 10-12. That will make these fights a breeze to get through, but do bring a couple of Lilypads with you, just in case.

Spring Temple First Floor Guide

After defeating the Longlog, you will come across a pedestal containing the Alchemist’s Wand tool, which allows you to grow plants quickly but consumes stamina.

This is an amazing tool, as this will allow you to grow any crop from a seed to a fully mature crop in exchange for just 60 Stamina. So, if you have some crops going out of season, all is not lost.

Grab this, and then place the Copper Ingot and Iron Ingot in it’s place. The little sprout ahead will grow into a ladder, granting you access to the second floor.

Spring Temple Second Floor Guide

On the second floor, you will need to beat another Longlog, but considering you just managed it, this shouldn’t be a huge ask. Just make sure you go into the fight with a healed squad.

After you defeat them, you’ll be able to open a Blue chest with some Gold, Gemstones, and, most importantly, Ladder Seeds. Seeds can be planted near cliffs to form a ladder to reach otherwise unreachable areas. Believe me, these are important if you want to keep exploring new areas.

After collecting your spoils, head to the pedestal and place Clay and Moonstone on there. This will allow you to access the next area. A sprout will grow up ahead, and by using the Alchemist’s Wand, you can create a ladder to the final floor.

Stone Temple Third Floor – How To Beat Wildwood

Upon reaching the center of the last leaf platform, you will encounter Wildwood, a large Spirit resembling a living tree. He’s tough but manageable with a full team and a few items to heal. Here are Wildwood’s Stats:

  • Boss Name: Wildwood
  • Level: 15
  • Health: 140
  • Armor: 10
  • Weaknesses: Poison, Electric

He will appear alongside two Longlogs, so be prepared for an onslaught of initial attacks. The best way to tackle this fight is with Poison Spirits like Emoshroom or Marsha, as this deals group damage, continues to deal damage over multiple turns, and gradually lowers armor.

Focus Primarily on the Longlogs to get them out of the way, and then go in for the kill on Wildwood. It’s best to also have some healing items to call upon, and balanced decks with plenty of options to drain armor, which will prevent constantly eating three attacks each turn.

When you vanquish this leafy beast, he will drop the Earth seal, and it is then yours to take to the Magic Man to complete the Earth Seal quest.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

So there you have it, a complete guide on how to take on one of Moonstone Island’s Temples. This will serve as a player’s first real test in the game, but with the aid of this guide, we hope you pass with flying colors. For more Moonstone Island content and more, stick with Indie Game Culture.

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