Core Keeper Announces Full Release and Console Ports for Summer 2024

After years of early access, Core Keeper is finally getting its 1.0 release and a port to Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch next summer.

For players unfamiliar with the indie gem, Nintendo Life notes, Core Keeper is a 2D top-down survival crafter set in a sprawling underground cavern full of strange creatures, massive biomes, and staggering resources.

With the end goal of fixing the Core and escaping from the undergrounding, the game is a Stardew meets Terraria mix of carving out a life from the tomb while slaying ever-massive bosses to progress the main story.

Though it’s an excellent blend of cozy farming and challenging battles, what sets Core Keeper apart is its 8-person player count, the Escapist notes, encouraging a team of friends to divide and conquer as they effectively colonize the massive, ever-expanding underground.

While some players can dedicate themselves to the intense exploration punctuated by a colossal roaming sandworm or a giant slime boss, others can stay home farming, fishing, and building a cozy home to return to with a unique RPG tree and armor system for building an ever resilient character.

Given the game’s gigantic size, finishing a run of Core Keeper can very much become a group effort, with players working together to build mineshafts reaching every inch of the map, clearing out swaths of territory, and occasionally defending against the odd enemy incursion.

Since Core Keeper’s time in early access, the game’s received massive content updates, adding entire new biomes, go-karts, pets, and an enormous variety of biomes to explore, from futuristic atlantian wrecks to dangerous mushroom tunnels and enchanting forests to make your own.

While the console ports will retain all of these additions, the developer’s Twitter roadmap promises a few more additions before its release, like an incoming Lunar and language updates to a unique festival and make the game more accessible.

Whatever the case, players can look forward to Corekeeper’s full release on every console next summer.

Will Core Keeper’s Release Have New Content?

While its 1.0 release is guaranteed to feature all the content the game has seen across its make updates, including notable seasonal additions the Escapist notes, the incoming 1.0 version of Core Keeper is unlikely to see any massive changes to its main game.

However, the developers have noted in their yearly roadmap on Twitter their plans to add seasonal content with the Lunar update and a few more bugfixes before the main release.

Also, players interested in the game should note that its price will increase for the 1.0 release, so it might be more worthwhile to purchase it beforehand to save yourself money.

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