Planet of Lana Coming to PlayStation in Spring 2024

PS5 and PS4 fans eager to get their hands on Planet of Lana have finally had their wishes granted, with the adorable sci-fi adventure coming to the consoles next Spring.

Featuring a youth’s quest to thwart a robot abduction of her home village, Planet of Lana is a gorgeous 2D action puzzle sidecroller in the same vein as Limbo and Inside.

With a Sci-Fi setting with breathtaking wilderness and deserts, Planet of Lana takes place across a lively alien world straight out of a Pixar film with wild creatures and a heartwrenching experience of overcoming grief and tragedy to save your friends and family.

Though the game’s trailer boasts racing against robots, swinging from vines, and hiding from mechanical fiends, in our review of Planet of Lana, we mostly find it to be a glorified walking sim with tacked-on platforming elements accompanying a profound emotional journey.

While it was an enjoyable, short experience with a few clever puzzles and a genuinely thrilling chase of riding a robot over sand, Planet of Lana lacked a particular element of fun that would have better brought the game together.

Even so, the game boasts some exemplary audio and visuals of its alien journey and tells a heartwarming emotional narrative without a discernable word or language.

Overall, we gave it a 7/10, recommending Planet of Lana for anyone looking to relax and lose themselves in the whimsical alien world of awe and wonder.

Even if it may not be as fun as it promises, PS4 and PS5 players can finally get their hands on the experience this coming Spring and live out Lana’s thrilling adventure.

Is Planet of Lana Hard?

No, as we detail in our review, Planet of Lana’s platforming and puzzle elements are relatively straightforward and surface-level, requiring little thought or nuance.

Even so, while the player can beat most of the game just making their way from left to right, a few of the stealth sections irritatingly force you to hold down the crouch button while you walk for long sections at a time and can wear down your hand.

Though they’re not challenging sections to figure out, they can cause hand discomfort, so taking infrequent breaks can save players some pain.

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