Nintendo Announces New Indie World Showcase

A few times a year, Nintendo will hold a specialized presentation exclusively to show off all the indie games that are coming to Switch, and it looks like this November will be no different, with them hosting a 20-minute-long Indie World Showcase on the 14th. This Indie World Showcase will probably show off a few big hitters but mostly more niche games.

November 14 Indie World Showcase: Nintendo's Indie Gaming Future

In this article, I will speculate on what we might expect to see in this presentation, given both recent indie gems that would feel at home on Switch and a recent leak that all but confirms a game will be present in this showcase.

First things first, though, No, Silksong will Probably Not be at this showcase, and yes, you can go home if that’s all you want.

The Indie World Showcase: All The Details

Pyoro, a well-known leaker of Nintendo content (namely the entirety of the mainline Nintendo Direct back in September), put out a cryptic tweet, as he tends to do, saying, “Finally we will be able to roast some marshmallows on the switch.”

When prompted for more info, he simply said “February 2021 Nintendo Direct” and retweeted the Indie World announcement.

One game that prominently features roasting marshmallows, announced in the February 2021 Nintendo Direct and has had little to no information since, is the Nintendo Switch port of Outer Wilds.

This port has been in development hell for God knows how long, so seeing some real confirmation that we’ll probably see it at Indie World is very nice.

Aside from that, these presentations don’t tend to get hit with massive leaks spoiling every detail, so a 99% sure confirmation that Outer Wilds on Switch is getting shown off soon is about all you’ll get until we dive into rampant speculation. Just take everything I’m about to say with a massive grain of salt, essentially.

What Indies Could Be Coming to Switch?

There are a ton of indies released recently that I think could work great on the mildly underpowered handheld, so I’ll fire off a few of my predictions on what I believe this Indie World could contain.

  • Cuisineer springs to mind, as it’s not the most demanding game, and the cooking/roguelite combo would fit very well on a handheld.
  • Slime Rancher 2, now that it’s finally getting more updates, might be coming to consoles other than Xbox, too.
  • Hi-fi Rush is also an Xbox exclusive and would be fantastic on Switch, but this one is down to Bethesda.

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