Blasphemous 2 To Get August Release Date

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Fans of the breakout indie gem Blasphemous have been patiently waiting for any sort of indication that a much-anticipated sequel would be coming in 2023. Well, The Games Kitchen have broken their silence, confirming that Blasphemous 2 will indeed be released in 2023, and what’s more, it will be coming sooner than many would have anticipated.

In a statement released via Twitter that was probably intended to line up much closer with Summer Games Fest, The Games Kitchen confirmed that Blasphemous 2 will be released on the 24th of August, 2023.

The news came to us via this post, where the Blasphemous devs can be seen celebrating their release date announcement in Arcade Bar Sevilla

The decision to confirm this news comes off the back of a trailer containing said release date inexplicably being available on the PlayStation Store today. It seems that Sony jumped the gun on this one ahead of the inevitable cavalcade of announcements set to happen in Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest.

This was a title that we already knew was in development, as The Games Kitchen teased as much all the way back in 2021. However, it will be the cause of much excitement that fans of this indie gem will be getting their hands on this touted sequel in less than two months!

For those unaware, Blasphemous is an indie Metroidvania based in the world of fantasy known as Cvstodia, and players will be tasked with traveling through the Land of Pilgrimage, laying a smackdown on the litany of enemies in their path.

Image Via Pocket Tactics
Image Via Pocket Tactics

This Metroidvania quietly went about becoming an indie classic, and in the eyes of fans and, indeed, the publishers, justified a sequel. It’s so exciting to see an extended trailer of Blasphemous 2, and we assure you, as more information comes to light, we will make sure you are the first to know.

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