Chicory Devs Announce New Title, BeastieBall

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Day of the Devs has kicked off with a bang with a new game from Wandersong and Chicory: A Colorful Tale. Just announced is a new take on the sport of Volleyball, with a clear Pokemon feel, Beastieball. A game set to release in 2024.

Here is a look at some gameplay shown at Day of the Devs, just moments ago:

Beastieball is, as mentioned, a game that offers a cute and colorful re-imagining of the popular beach sport, Volleyball. In this game it’s your job to play the role of the coach and train these little beasties that you find along your journey to play, what else, Beastieball.

You might be thinking that this game might be a little limited in scope, but fear not, it seems that there’s more to this game than smacking a ball over a net. Here’s BeastieBall Director, Greg Lobonov’s description of what you’ll be doing:

You can explore this huge open world, recruiting all kinds of beasties to your team. Then you can challeneg rival sports teams as you rise your way through the Beastieball rankings.

It’s a game that will rely heavily on combinations of beasties as pairs of different Beasties will offer different unique abilities due to their relationships, and in the words of Alexis Dean Jones:

The Goal here isn’t to collect as many beasties as you can, but to spend time with the ones you care about

If you want to find out more about this game, then you can head over to the official website right now. Where you will be able to get involved in the game’s upcoming crowd-funding campaign.

We are huge fans of Chicory and Wandersong here at ICG, and based on first impressions, these devs may be onto another winner. Move over, Cassette Beasts, there’s a new Indie Pokemon killer in town!

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