Phantom Coast Announces Demonic Skater, Helskate

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If you are looking for the next big thing when it comes to arcade skating games, you may be in luck. Mere moments ago in the Day of the Devs showcase, we were treated to a first look at a new demonic arcade skating game known as Helskate.

With Steve Swink, one of the minds behind the iconic skating game, Tony Hawks Underground, serving as game director for this project, Phantom Coast aims to offer a skating game that breaks free of the norms of the genre and offers a skating game that is also a roguelike.

In this game, you play as Anton, a skater living in a demonic world with a passion so strong for shredding that even the demons that inhabit his hometown will prevent him from landing steezy tricks.

In this game, you aren’t just tasked with skating, but also fending off these monsters can potentially prevent you from landing sick combos, with tattoos acting as perks, and new boards acting as weapons. Steve, in his own words, describes the combat as ‘Fast-paced skateboard hack-and-slash’.

As for the story, it seems that this game will have you gradually build up your skating prowess to have you face off against the Gods of Skating themselves. Perhaps a demonic birdman? Who knows?

While there was no concrete date given for when we can expect Phantom Coast’s new venture into the world of skating games, you can head over to Steam right now and add this title to your wishlist!

We are super excited about this title, and can’t wait to see more updates on this answer to the THPS series. For all the news as it comes, stick with IGC!

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