Dead by Daylight Confirms Playable Ellen Ripley Survivor in Alien Update

Dead by Daylight fans already excited about playing as the Xenomorph in the upcoming Aliens update can look forward to playing as Ellen Ripley, the beloved protagonist of the Aliens series! 

As touted in the trailer for the Aliens update, the youtube trailer reveals Ripley waking from stasis and frantically making her way through a stranded spacecraft as the Xenomorph begins its terrifying pursuit. 

Rock Paper Shotgun notes that With “a thematic level” set in the Aliens Universe, “an underground labyrinth” for the Alien to make their reveal from, and even “Jonesy the Cat” to cheer us on, the Aliens update is shaping up to be one of the best additions to Dead by Daylight.

For those that don’t know, Dead by Daylight is a competitive online horror game that pits several survivors against a playable monster villain.

While the survivor must activate all the generators and quickly escape, the monster leverages axes, guns, alien powers, and more to capture and kill the survivors. 

Even if the gameplay loop sounds simple, Dead by Daylight is very much the Fortnite of horror games and has seen various additions of characters from across different horror titles like Wesker from Resident Evil, the teenagers from Stranger Things, and even Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Especially for fans of Alien Isolation, the hit Alien horror game where you play as Ripley’s daughter trying to hide and escape from a terrifying Alien across a doomed space station, the Aliens update promises to be a fantastic recreation of the phenomenal horror in multiplayer. 

Even if blocking the Alien’s path with boxes may take some terror out of the slimy behemoth, watching as another one of your crew gets snatched by the two-mouth terror to be put on the hook, or Aliens goop sac in this case, is enough to send shivers down the spine.

Now with Ellen Ripley in the mix, players can embrace their alien roleplay and experience Dead by Daylight as the Sci-Fi horror it was always meant to be.

When does the Aliens update come out?

Though it’s slated to debut on August 29, Kotaku notes that players can download a beta Public Test Build from Steam before August 14,” if they want to try playing as the Alien as early as possible.

With likely a few bugs and everyone hammering to play as the Xenomorph, it might be more challenging to get your opportunity to spotlight as the Alien, but players can still give it a go if they want to experience this horrific update immediately.

Regardless, Dead by Daylight fans and Alien fanatics can anticipate the Aliens update by the month’s end. Just pray the Alien doesn’t go after you first!

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