Humble Bundle Offers New Uplifting Adventures Wholesome Games Bundle

Every so often, Humble Bundle will make an excellent collection of a few banger games, and just recently, they’ve dropped one on cozy, uplifting adventures just before the Wholesome Games presentation on December 6th.

This collection of 5-7 of the best comfortable, lovely little games will keep you relaxed the entire time you play them.

Most of these games are pretty recent and well-regarded, with some being pretty well-known, great games. You can pick up this collection and get five games for $14 or 7 games for $20, and either way, you’re getting a pretty great bang for your buck, with most of these games costing around that price range anyway.

What’s In This Cozy Humble Bundle?

Wylde Flowers ($20 Bundle)

  • Normal Price: $25
  • Steam Rating: 96% Positive

Wylde Flowers is a farming game where you go on a magical adventure, finding out more information about everything involving Witchcraft and Sorcery as you try and run your farm, care for the animals you’ve taken in, fish up fish, fly your broomstick, brew potions, and get into a bunch of other magical shenanigans. It’s pretty much just a typical farming game, but with witchcraft added to the mix.

Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist ($20 Bundle)

  • Normal Price: $25
  • Steam Rating: 94% Positive

Passpartout 2 is a game about painting your passions into life, whether on canvases, model cars, or whatever you can find. You can walk around this cozy little town, trying to sell your art and make a bit of money, eventually working up to buy a new studio or your own boutique, this game being anything you make of it.

Bear and Breakfast

  • Normal Price: $20
  • Steam Rating: 90% Positive

Bear and Breakfast is a cozy restaurant management sim where you play as a bear out in the woods, just trying to make your abandoned shack into a lovely diner and inn for your patrons.

This is a comedic, silly game where the management stuff doesn’t usually get too overwhelming or stressful, leading to a pretty chill, sweet vibe.


  • Normal Price: $25
  • Steam Rating: 98% Positive

Tinykin is a fusion of your typical 3D Puzzle-Platformer with Nintendo’s Pikmin series, having you run around big open environments and use your army of multicolored little guys as projectiles to solve puzzles or explode things.

It’s an incredibly unique, quirky game with a lot of charm behind it, and it executes its unique concept pretty well.


  • Normal Price: $15
  • Steam Rating: 94% Positive

Venba is a cooking simulator where you go through the story of a young girl and her immigrant mother, learning to cook many different foods from all over South India.

It’s pretty short and sweet and a bit of a puzzle game, but all the food and visuals look delectable, and it’s a lovely little game to run through in an hour or two.

Smushi Come Home

  • Normal Price: $20
  • Steam Rating: 99% Positive

Smushi Come Home is a chill 3D exploration game similar to A Short Hike or Lil’ Gator Game. It’s got the Gen Z humor and writing down, where we kinda just write in all lowercase and make things relatable to be honest.

It’s a cozy, lovely little time and primarily focuses on helping out some quirky NPCs and going through really cool set pieces.

Mail Time

  • Normal Price: $20
  • Steam Rating: 85% Positive

This is another adventure game about exploring a big open environment as a mushroomy character. Still, this time, you’re focused on delivering mail to many different characters scattered about the world, focusing more on 3D platforming and collectibles.

It’s a cute game with great, hand-drawn visuals and that same writing style.

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