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You may have heard of a mushroom platforming game that many people in the indie community have been super excited about. No, not Mail Time. This news concerns Smushi Come Home. Fans have been eagerly awaiting a release date for this cute and colorful fungi platformer. Well, wait no longer because just moments ago at Wholesome Direct, Smushi: Come Home was shadow-dropped and is available now.

The premise of this game is pretty simple, but that simplicity promises to be a calm and serene experience. In this game, you play as Smushi, a cute little mushroom fella who has got himself lost in the forest and must find his way home.

To help him do that, you’ll need to traverse the world, running, jumping, swimming, and solving puzzles to progress. Not to mention, you’ll have to get to know the eclectic inhabitants of the forest too.

It’s a game that focuses on offering a peaceful and lighthearted adventure with no time limits, no game-overs, and no stress. This is probably why it finds itself as a star of the show at Wholesome Direct.

The game has an introductory offer of £13.59 for players who move fast and pick this one up off the back of this announcement. So there’s no time like the present. Get over there and dive into a fungi-based adventure.

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