Pekoe Enters Early Access, Coming June 2023

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You’ve heard of Animal Crossing. You’ve heard of Coffee Talk. Well, how about a game where you make tea for a whole bunch of cats? As of right this moment, you can head over to Steam and check out Pekoe, which is now in early access. You’ll be able to support the developers and watch the final stages of development before your eyes before this game releases in June 2023.

We received the news courtesy of the pre-show for Wholesome Direct, a game showcase dedicated to cozy indies only. This game was set to be released in Q2 of this year, and it seems that the devs have managed to keep this game on schedule.

For those unaware, Pekoe is a game that takes a lot of notes from cozy simulators like Animal Crossing, but with one key twist. You also have to run a tea shop, and your customers are exclusively cute little kitties! You’ll have to handpick the best strains of tea for each customer’s mood and preference, not to mention, you also have to work out what is needed to make special recipes. So if you enjoyed that aspect of Coffee Talk, you might love this too!

This game looks equal parts cute and fun. So if it sounds like your cup of tea, get over there and play it now!

Here’s the official game trailer:

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