Monday Afternoon Announce Upcoming Omori Graphic Novel

Omori is the depressing, dark RPG by Omocat that you’re probably familiar with. They’ve just confirmed via Twitter that it’ll be getting its graphic novel, which will run in Kodansha’s Seinen magazine, Monthly Afternoon.

It’ll be illustrated by Nui Konoito, an up-and-coming artist who’s already shown some promise through the promotional art.

This is coming right off the heels of a massive symphony done for the game’s 3rd anniversary, alongside a jokingly done Omori Kart mockup winning the fanart/meme competition being held and a bunch of new art released for the game.

If you’re an Omori fan, now is an excellent time to bask in all the new content you’re getting.

Details on the Omori Graphic Novel

Currently, details on the Omori series are pretty sparse. We only know about it from a few Twitter posts, and our primary information is the illustrator, the magazine it’ll be featured in, and that it’ll be made with long-time fans and newcomers in mind.

This seems like a great jumping-on point if you haven’t played Omori and are interested but will still have content for people who love the game.

On Twitter, Konoito has said, “We look forward to hearing from you regarding dates and such,” which likely means there isn’t a proper release date scheduled for the Omori series yet, and it’ll probably just be released as the issues are finished.

They’ve also gone into detail, saying that OMOCAT is heavily involved with the graphic novel and the rest of Omori’s development team.

From what we can see from the cover, it’ll bring a much more traditional manga style to the series, rather than Omori’s standard, simplified expressions and character designs.

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It’ll be much more detailed than what the Omori art style usually allows for, and that cover art looks fantastic, showing they knew what they were doing hiring Konoito.

That’s all we know about it for now, and to keep up to date, you’ll probably have to keep up with Afternoon Manga’s updates on the series.

There’s also no confirmation we’ll be seeing this localized, despite the Omori Twitter account updating us in English. We’ll have to wait and see if we get this in the West at all or if we’re out of luck.

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