Among Us Reveals 6 Awesome Indie Crossovers

Among Us is somewhat well known at this point for getting some excellent crossover content, like with Pusheen, Destiny 2, and Glass Onion.

They’ve gone all over the map regarding who gets costumes in the game, but now we’re getting an update dedicated to crossing over with many different indie games you might know.

This comes to us courtesy of the Among Us Twitter account posting silhouettes that heavily imply certain characters, but don’t outright confirm them.

This means we’ll have to take some educated guesses as to who is who in these images, but some are certainly a lot easier to parse than others, so let’s see what is (probably) coming to Among Us soon.

Breaking Down All The Hinted Among Us Crossovers

Top Left

Let’s start with the hardest one, the upper left corner. Many people thought it was River City Girls or Nuclear Throne, but a recent reply to the tweet has all but confirmed what it is, which is a proper collaboration with Undertale. These skins are likely Undyne, Napstablook, Papyrus, Sans, or the Annoying Dog.

Toby Fox responded to this tweet, and given that Toby doesn’t use his Twitter account for much of anything other than official news or interacting with projects he’s involved in (and the occasional high-effort meme), this is pretty much confirming that this is Undertale. This is cool, and finally, we have a direct link between Among Us and Smash Bros.

Top Right

Now, for something a little easier. Top Right was jokingly called a Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure crossover, but it’s almost definitely a Hat in Time.

You can make out Hat Kid’s Top hat, Bow Kid’s hair and headband, and Mustache Girl’s long twin tails. This is unsurprising, considering we got Among Us content in A Hat in Time years ago, but it’s still cool to see.

Middle Right

For an even more obvious one, this is Untitled Goose Game. The silhouettes match up pretty perfectly with the Farmer, Goose, and a third that I’m not too sure about.

Otherwise, though, this one is exceptionally clear-cut, and it’s very cool to see more crossovers involving the funny goose.

Bottom Right

Image from Brace Yourself Games.

Some people saw the shovel and immediately assumed we were getting the 800th Shovel Knight crossover in an indie game, but it’s definitely Crypt of the Necrodancer.

We can see Cadence with her shovel in hand, one of the dancing skeletons you fight in the game, and a third character that is hard to distinguish from the silhouette.

Bottom Left

Perhaps the clearest one in the image, mainly due to the background, the bottom left is Celeste, specifically Madeline and Part of Me (Or Badeline) and a flying strawberry pet.

This is the only one I haven’t seen anyone be confused about because Celeste’s iconic characters are so incredibly recognizable, even in silhouette form.

Middle Left

Finally, we end this excellent indie collaboration with Alien Hominid, an absolutely classic Flash series. It’s a little unsurprising, considering the Among Us team has their roots in Flash games with Henry Stickmin, but seeing the Alien and what’s probably Boris and the Tin Man does bring a smile to my face.

Any other Crossovers?

So far, this is all the information we’ve got, aside from the soft confirmation from Toby Fox. Though, Redigit, the creator of Terraria, has chimed in with a mildly sassy comment, as he tends to do.

I don’t think this confirms anything, but it does mean he’s probably interested in eventually seeing a Terraria x Among Us crossover happen.

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