Zipp’s Café: A Cozy Prequel to Chicken Police Set to Launch in November

The Wild Gentlemen showed off a new trailer and the release date for Zipp’s Café today, the prequel to their other game, Chicken Police. This is a cozy café simulator where you make coffee, talk to quirky characters, read the news, and try to help people with their problems while managing your diner and taking care of things.

This game comes as part of their World of Wilderness, a connected world and story told across this game, Chicken Police, and future titles that will all share characters and themes to keep everything connected and cohesive. Zipp’s Café will launch on November 15th, exclusively on Steam, and be the earliest point in this story.

What’s in the Trailer?

In this trailer, we get introduced to our old Raccoon barista, Zipp, and he narrates over it, telling us what we’ll be doing throughout the game and giving a brief plot synopsis to get you caught up. This café is between two societies, animals and insects, leading to a lot of natural conflict between the two, which you’ll have to help sort out by serving coffee.

Each character that comes in will have a bunch of dialogue you can listen to if you want to get invested in the lore. Part of the game is helping solve their problems by talking to them and being a helpful mediator between two societies. These interactions will be in-depth, letting you talk to each character you meet and get to know them deeper.

Image from The Wild Gentlemen.

It won’t all be listening to conversations, though; prepping the coffee or meals to serve them is something you’ll have to get right in this game. You’ll have to grind the coffee and brew it to specifications, making sure every setting is just right and that everything gets cooked for the right amount of time and using the right ingredients.

You’ll also get a handy notebook to help you with taking orders; it’ll describe each character’s in-depth backstory and the details on who they are, their species, and what they’ve been up to, but also what they’d like in their coffee, and what their usual order would be. This also comes with a handy catalog of every coffee and food item you’ve made, achievements, and a completion log.

Image from The Wild Gentlemen.

On top of this, if you want to immerse yourself even further in this world, you can read through the newspapers, giving a ton of detail into the events around you as you sit in your cozy little café. This game focuses on worldbuilding over all else, showing an intricate society and commentary on classism.

This game is set to release about a month from now, on November 15th, exclusively on Steam. The devs have said this is only at first and that they’d love to port it to other platforms if the game does exceptionally well, but for now, no console versions are in the works. It’s also said to “cost the price of a Coffee,” so expect it to be anywhere in the $2-10 price range.

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