Chaotic Sandbox Bang-On Balls Finally Gets A Release Date

If you’ve ever wanted a unique take on an open-world sandbox with online multiplayer and a ton of character customization and content to dive into, then Bang-On Balls: Chronicles seems like your kind of game.

Full disclosure: PC has had this game in Early Access for two and a half years, but it’s finally getting out of EA and onto consoles.

This game has been worked on the whole time by Exit Plan Games, a team consisting of only 12 people, so it taking this long to finally hit release is pretty understandable.

It currently features several historical periods to play through, with “No paid cosmetic DLC nonsense,” and will be properly released on October 5th for all platforms.

What’s in the trailer?

Alongside announcing the release date, we got a new trailer showing off precisely what Bang-On Balls is all about.

This trailer is dense, packed with a ton of content in less than two minutes, and honestly a bit overwhelming at times, so I’ll try and break down all the interesting or new things to the best of my ability to make it more digestible.

We get introduced to the country-themed characters, all able to explore these different time periods as various roles, like Vikings, Astronauts, Pirates, or even Aliens, all able to do unique things at different time periods.

This class will also determine what weapons, armor, and other gimmick your character might have, with Vikings occasionally getting Mjolnir.

Image from Exit Plan Games.

The combat in this game is pretty in-depth for something that isn’t the game’s primary focus. You can block if you have a shield, ground pound if you need to get an opening, rush in with a dash, and take several different approaches to get in on your opponent. It also seems like the enemies change quite a bit, depending on the era.

Several historical periods are shown off, namely the Viking Era, Feudal Japan, the Space Race, and some Wild West shenanigans.

Each of these eras has a new expansive open-world sandbox to accompany it, which is inspired heavily by Banjo-Kazooie but with a more modern spin on things and with quite a few extra gameplay mechanics thrown in.

Image from Exit Plan Games.

The game prides itself on its historical inaccuracies, going more for a silly “you might learn some things from this” approach rather than a tedious commitment to accuracy.

You can roll through these stages with a two-player split-screen or four-player online co-op, with quite a bit of character customization that is entirely free and unlocked in-game.

Overall, you’ll be rolling through massive open-world collect-a-thon levels, either solo or with friends, and grabbing items, fighting enemies, platforming and doing missions, sometimes going to space, partying with aliens, maybe even killing things with a lightning-enchanted hammer, all while hopefully learning a something or two about history.

When and Where Can You Play Bang-On Balls?

Well, If you’re on PC, you can hop on the early access version right now on Steam, but the full release will have more content and will be released on October 5th on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam, Good Old Games, and Epic Games Store.

It also plays excellent on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 but has no dedicated version for either console.

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