Disco Elysium Themed LARP Coming In 2024

In the Czech Republic in 2024, a group called Rolling, plans to run a Disco Elysium-inspired Larp named 97 Poets of Revachol, running for two days and one day of workshopping the entire session.

This is planned to take place in an old military hospital in the middle of a city called Terezín, and everyone participating will get to spend their days living out their most grim fantasies.

For this Larp, Rolling has set up an extensive, high-production set based on the world of Disco Elysium in the city of Revachol.

This will not be a retelling of Disco Elysium’s story, but what is essentially a fanfiction set in the same universe, where people who participate take the roles of people struggling in a dilapidated former hospital, all of them barely getting by.

From https://revachol.rolling.cz

The Story

The story of 97 Poets of Revachol is entirely original, taking place in La Cage, which houses impoverished students, immigrant families with no place to go, and shady gang members, all mixed with people who need to survive in a cold and cruel world, all together in the same building and unable to do much about it.

While all of this sounds bleak, the overarching narrative is planned to focus on the things that bring solace in these terrible times, whether the redeeming factors of life be family, the loved ones you have left, the art you can create, the faith you can believe in or a plan to turn your life around and be onto better things once and for all.

It’s less focused on significant, essential events in these people’s lives and more focused on mundane, everyday life in a terrible situation, with the undertone of a happier ending at the end of the road.

There will be chaotic disagreements, horrible tragedies, and a community held together by a thread, still finding out why life is worth living at the end of the day.

What the Experience Is Like

“Snow Dumpers,” George Bellows (1911) from the 97 Poets of Revachol Website.

The Larp’s primary purpose is to immerse everyone involved in the lore and world of Disco Elysium; even if no one is playing any of the characters or recreating the plotlines from the game, the atmosphere is still there, and you’d be having similar conversations with your peers about the good ol’ days or the youth playing their stupid anodic music.

Even if you haven’t played the game, lore documents would be handed out, and you’d be expected to immerse yourself deeply in the lore for two days.

This Larp will be more of a slice-of-life type, where you experience what it’s like to be in a decrepit hospital with many terrible people, all stuck deep in poverty and unable to leave their situation.

How to Participate

If any of this sounds interesting to you, and you’re willing to travel to the Czech Republic to play out your Disco Elysium fantasies, then you’d have to sign up at 97 Poets of Revachol’s website.

Do be warned that it costs €290 (or $312) to enter, but this will cover all costs, including costume, food, and housing during the event, but not transportation to the event.

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