Cruel Platformer OnlyUp Taken Off Steam to Give Developer Respite

Players scared to try out painfully popular OnlyUp no longer have to worry, as it’s been removed from Steam for good.

Only Up dev yanks Twitch hit from Steam after saying it caused “a lot of  stress” | Rock Paper Shotgun

To specify, OnlyUp is a ruthless platformer, much like Getting Over It, where players climb a mountain of reused assets while avoiding falling and losing all their progress.

Through its success on streaming platforms like Twitch, Kotaku details how OnlyUp achieved notoriety through its mind-boggling brutality, even if it suffered from janky movement and subpar visuals.

However, despite its widespread love-hate relationship with players, the game came under fire for its heavy reuse of assets without creator permission and the inclusion of NFT Goblintown tokens that PC Games N reviews becoming a “rallying cry among crypto scammers.”

After enduring a mountain of stress for months, the Escapist adds how the developer removed the game from Steam to give themselves some “peace of mind” and focus on their next game project. 


Only Up on Steam

Though players who have already purchased OnlyUp still have access to it on Steam, the game is unavailable for purchase, and the Steam page just states that it’s no longer available.

Frankly, while some hardcore fans are mourning the loss of their beloved pain simulator, the game was still a frustrating mess with an AI voicing the narrator and a brutally disappointing payoff. 

Even with removing this notoriously brutal game, the recent addition of other, better-built, and more enjoyable titles like Sea of Stars and Blasphemous 2 will likely be a better way to spend your time if you don’t want to deal with such a torturous experience.


Can I still play OnlyUp on Steam?


Only Up! pulled from Steam, developer says it'll be back (update: and now  it is back) | PC Gamer

Yes, but only if you already own OnlyUp or have a friend who does.

While OnlyUp is no longer available for purchase on Steam, players with a free copy or willing to share their game’s library with a friend can still experience this harrowing trial of a game.

Though the game could come back to Steam or even be sold for free, Kotaku notes that the developer is taking steps to distance themselves from OnlyUp and focus on their next project.

Who knows? If the developer receives enough heartfelt requests and sincere praise for the game, they might return OnlyUp to Steam. 

For now, however, OnlyUp only exists as a game that made streamers cry, and players despise NFTs.


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