Retro Adventure Game Underground Blossom Announced for Month’s End




Fans of Rusty Lake style Adventure games can look forward to Underground Blossom, a bizarre point-and-click subway-themed adventure coming at the month’s end.


Following the adventures of stoic Laura Vanderbloom, Eurogamer details Underground Blossom’s trek through a grim subway with strange musicians, miserable passengers, and off-kilter personnel to guide our journey on September 27th.


Underground Blossom on Steam

As for our hero, Laura Vanderbloom is a holdover from Rusty Lakes’ game Cube Escape, who’s the reincarnation of William Vanderbloom and the daughter of Rose.


Getting back to the game, TouchArcade details how each station represents a part of Laura’s childhood, and players must navigate the web of her past and solve puzzles while fighting against her deteriorating mind.



Though Underground Blossom’s setting is dreary, with tolerable visuals and animations, it’s also brimming with nostalgic point-and-click adventure charm. 


Even if this style of game is less engaging and interactive, it’s certainly more bizarre and a welcome change if you enjoy stranger, weirder experiences with moon-logic puzzles and silly interactions.


Underground Blossom】Rusty Lakeシリーズ新作が発表!同時にデモ版が配信開始されました!

Players curious to see if Underground Blossom is their kind of adventure can check it out on September 27th for a more casual experience with a lovingly weird execution.


Underground Blossom is also coming to iOS so players can enjoy this subway-themed adventure in an actual subway for extra immersion.


Is Underground Blossom Free?


Underground Blossom on Steam

No, Underground Blossom is not free. While Rusty Lakes has been known to release free, short games, Underground Blossom promises to be a much more involved experience.


Luckily, however, players can check out the playable demo on Steam to see if they’re up to the task of confronting Underground Blossom’s zany puzzles and available to see if this game is your cup of subway tea. 


Though the gameplay boils down to point-and-click adventure, the visual charm, and outstanding location can appeal to players who frequent subways and constantly travel. 


So, if you’re sitting in a subway looking for a game that captures the dreary misery of traveling on a packed train, Underground Blossom could be just for you! However, don’t start expecting real-world subways to make you solve puzzles to leave; otherwise, we might never leave the train.


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