Dave The Diver Is July’s Breakout Indie Sensation

It seems like every year, there is one particular game that comes along, out of the blue, and completely captivates the Indie community. Last Year it was Neon White; the year before, it was Inscryption; and this year, this accolade may belong to Dave The Diver.

Dave The Diver is a deep-sea diving and resource management game that was released very much under the radar within the indie community, but has exploded practically overnight to become one of the top-performing games of the moment.

As of the time of writing (3rd June 2023), just five days after release, Dave The Diver sits third in the top-selling charts on Steam, only being pipped by Battlebit Remastered, and Counterstrike: Global Offensive.

Not only that, but the game is also boasting very impressive concurrent player counts despite this title being a single-player experience. The game is maintaining a peak player count of just over 50,000 concurrent players, and we would wager that this will continue as more and more gamers become aware of this breakout indie gem.

Who’s Dave The Diver Anyway?

You may be wondering what this game is all about, and why the gaming community at large are enamored with this deep-sea pixel adventure. Well, without giving too much away, Dave the Diver is a management sim RPG where you (Dave) must run a restaurant on the shore, while exploring the vast world below the waterline to catch fish, and uncover the secrets of the deep blue sea.

It’s a self-aware game that aims to offer incredibly varied gameplay by blending and meshing multiple genres, all the while, not taking itself too seriously.

Often, this can lead to games feeling like a hodgepodge of loose ideas and half-cooked concepts, but it seems, based on the reception alone, that Dave The Diver succeeds in offering silly but satisfying gameplay that will suit indie fans and AAA lovers alike.

What’s With The Crazy Response?

We would love to tell you that this game’s reception is purely down to the sheer quality of the game, but we don’t think that is strictly true. It certainly has made people stick around and pay attention to this title. However, much like the uptick in sales for the submarine survival title, Iron Lung, we feel that the recent events involving the doomed Submarine destined for the Titanic Wreckage may have prompted the spotlight to turn on Dave The Diver.

That being said, we doubt that the developers will be too worried about the reasons behind this turn in fortunes, and we wish MintRocket every success in supporting this game, and potentially using this as a springboard for future projects.

You can purchase Dave The Diver right now on Steam with a little 10% discount, so head over there and dive into the action!

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