Desolate Open-World V.A Proxy Will Let You Parry Nukes

Of the relatively stagnant open-world games out there, you’ve probably never seen a game like V.A Proxy, an up-and-coming open-world action game with combat similar to Devil May Cry, all done by solo dev Pyro Lith.

V.A Proxy on Steam

It has an art style similar to Risk of Rain and features a desolate, long-forgotten landscape with hostile robots.

This leads to a relatively large amount of things to be developed for the game. However, development is still going smoothly, with Pyro Lith sharing clips on Twitter, mainly highlighting new features or clips of gameplay that have improved over time.

I wanted to highlight one of these clips here because it’s ridiculous, and most of Twitter seems to agree.

Parrying the Nuke In V.A Proxy

Of the massive threats in this game, one of the events you might come across is giant nuclear blasts, and the dev decided to share a new clip showing how you’re now allowed to parry the nuke.

The parry timing makes this very difficult, with less than a second for the parry to work, but man, this sound and visual design is so incredibly visceral.

This clip quickly accrued over 100k likes on Twitter because mechanics this cool that are also so incredibly well-designed aren’t super common nowadays, and the loud booming sound that plays in combination with parting the nuclear sea both add to something I’m sure we can all agree is incredible.

V.A Proxy’s Other Cool Features

If this clip interests you, don’t worry; you’re absolutely not alone. Pyro Lith has shared plenty of clips beyond just the incredible nuke-parrying, and I thought it’d be nice to highlight a few to give you a taste of what the game will be like.

This clip shows you can take control of a robot’s rocket and ride it to fire it back at them, which sounds really cool.

This showcases that most parts of this game will look incredible when pulled off but are somewhat challenging; this trick, in particular, requires great timing to jump on the rocket after it’s shot out.

This clip highlights a boss fight where you get to run on the back of a giant robot wyvern, which is awesome. You’ll have to stab the glowing spots on its back to kill it and take it down, similar to Shadow of the Colossus. If most bosses in this game are giant robot fights, I think we’re in for a treat.

Lastly, here’s a clip of another of the colossal giant robots in this game, requiring a grappling hook to swing across parts of it.

I don’t have much to add. Everything in this game is just really excellent, and I’d recommend looking through Pyro Lith’s Twitter account and looking at what he posts since there is a new update every few days.

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