Lies of P Shows Off New Weapons and Combinations

Lies of P is a new true-to-form soulslike from NEOWIZ and Round 8 Studio. Its latest trailer shows off more of its combat, namely the ability to combine two weapons to form a more effective and powerful one.

The game takes a different approach to Dark Souls, with a steampunk aesthetic, charge attacks, parrying, and many weapon-dependant mechanics.

I’ll be reviewing many of the features in this 7-minute trailer released earlier, which primarily shows off the Weapon Assemble system, showing many different weapon combinations being used against enemies in various environments.

This also serves as a great introduction to the combat for those who haven’t seen this game before this trailer.

What’s In The New Lies of P Trailer?

This trailer reviews several different weapon combos, showing them off in-depth. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to digest, so I’ll briefly describe each and tell you what unique aspect they’re showing off in the clips they decided to use for this showcase.

Firstly, you can combine any blade with the handle of any other weapon, and for the first clip, we get the fusion of a Dancer’s Curved Sword Blade and a Booster Glaive Handle.

This leads to a weapon with many strong charge attacks from the handle but with fast guarding and a focus on giving you the freedom to move in the middle of attacking.

A Salamander Dagger Blade with a Master Chef’s Knife Handle leads to a flaming dagger that lends itself to quicker, short-range attacks.

While you can still block with this tiny knife, it’s much more attuned to getting in a combo and being able to interrupt it by backing off or dodging if need be. It’s a quick, fast, and effective weapon that sets your enemies ablaze.

Image from NEOWIZ.

With a Wintry Rapier’s Blade and a Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear Handle, you can make a one-handed sword and shield.

Your guard will now block multiple hits in a row, being way more effective than normal parrying, and you can still act using lance thrusts and stabbing the enemy to death while having an impeccable defense.

A Bone-Cutting Sawblade combined with a Carcass Crystal Axe Handle leads to an incredibly effective heavy weapon, taking out most enemies in just a few vast slashes.

This makes it harder to defend since the gun is not at all attuned to defense or dodging, but the damage you can see by combining a heavy weapon and a firm handle is undeniable.

Image from NEOWIZ.

A Live Puppet’s Axe Blade and an Acidic Great Curved Sword Handle will combine to make a massive two-handed axe that is great at defense, freeing up a bit of mobility because it is not cumbersome.

This means low weight plus high damage materials equal the best weapons in this game, showing what you might want to prioritize.

There is more shown off in this trailer, namely weapons like the Proof of Humanity, Holy Sword of the Ark, and some more unique, gimmicky weapons, but you probably get the gist now.

The Weapon Assemble system leads to an incredible variety of usable weaponry, and mixing and matching different handles and blades together will lead to potent, heavy weapons or effective short-range daggers, all through your ingenuity and creative combinations.

When Can You Play Lies of P?

Lies of P, with all the weapon-combining dark souls-y action within it, will be released on Steam, Xbox Series X/S (and on Game Pass), PS5, and PS4, all simultaneously on September 19th. This game got a “this looks sick” from my girlfriend, which is the true mark of a great Soulsborne game.

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