Stray to Receive a Purrfect Animated Film Adaptation

Fans of the hit cyberpunk cat sim Stray can rejoice with the announcement of an upcoming animated film adaptation!

While the cozy cat platformer makes for a strangely odd take for making into a movie, Kotaku details Annapurna adapting Stray due to the game’s wild popularity the year before.

Stray Is Getting An Animated Movie Adaptation - Insider Gaming

For the game itself, Stray follows a stray cat separated from its family that goes on a quest through a robot-infested cyberpunk dystopia and reunites with their family.

Though the game primarily consists of platforming and puzzles, the addition of talking robots adds some element of humanity to this strange setting as Game Industry Biz details the Stray digging into the heart of what it means to be human without any humans in it.

Even if philosophy isn’t your cup of tea, Stray is a delightful buddy comedy between a robot and a cat that lets players get up to some hilarious cat hijinks.

For the movie itself, this means that Stray could dig deeper into these elements of personhood, giving more depth to the robot characters and even more backstory to the people who made them. 

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Otherwise, Kotaku suggests the film could double down on the cat hijinks elements and commit to watching a cat terrorize walking toasters, run off with wires, and knock priceless objects off shelves for its duration.

All-in-all, spending hours watching a cat singlehandedly ruin robots’ lives sounds like a hilariously honest adaptation of the hit game.

Though no release date has been announced for Stray’s film or even what streaming services it’s coming to, fans can likely expect it in the coming years.

If you’re still unsure whether this game or the film adaptation is for you, it’s currently available on every platform, and you can check out our review of Stray for a “Phenomenal Feline Adventure.”


Who’s Animating Stray’s Movie?


Stray Review – Fun cat adventure that doesn't always land on its feet -  Dexerto

According to Entertainment Weekly, Annapurna Animation, the studio behind Nimona, is animating Stray into a movie.

Given Nimona’s already cyberpunk-esk art style and futuristic setting, fans can expect the Stray film to resemble the futuristic anime with colorful, lively characters and gorgeous backgrounds.

While this may disappoint fans hoping for a MAPPA anime adaptation with superb Attack on Titan-esk visuals, Kotaku details that Nimona’s positive reception is an optimistic outlook for the film’s development.

Though Stray’s visuals have yet to be revealed, fans can check out Nimona to get an idea of their favorite cat’s catastrophes that await them.

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