Upcoming Haunted Chocolatier Update Teases Stardew Valley Grandpa’s Return



Stardew Valley Fans can anticipate the return of Grandpa from beyond the grave in the upcoming Haunted Chocolatier update.

New Haunted Chocolatier screenshot suggests Stardew Valley Grandpa may  return | Eurogamer.net

First revealed in a Haunted Chocolatier tweet earlier today by Stardew developer Concerned Ape, the post shows an unnamed elderly figurine in a purple robe in bed claiming to have had a terrible dream.

While this would seem less noteworthy, Eurogamer details that the figure looks surprisingly like our grandpa, who gifted us his Stardew Valley farm on his deathbed and is singularly responsible for our introduction into the small community.

Explaining The Stardew Valley Grandpa Theory

Even if Grandpa later passes, his spirit shows up at the end of our second year to judge our progress, gifting us a Statue Of Perfection if we managed to light all four of his candles and gain his approval.

Stardew Valley - Grandpa's Score | Tom's Guide Forum

While this is a comfortable conclusion to our time in Stardew, IGN details how this post opens up a pandora’s box of questions surrounding whether Grandpa miraculously survived his implied death or if this is the grandpa from the other side of our family.

While Stardew isn’t a stranger to magic and otherworldly elements, as shown by the wizard, witch, and dwarves, and Grandpa could have faked his death or used magic to resurrect himself, this could also imply Haunted Chocolatier is a prequel to the events in the main game.

Indeed, PC Gamer reviews popular fan theories suggesting that Haunted Chocolatier takes place before we arrive in Stardew or that we play as our long-lost sibling who embarks on a simultaneous journey of their own. 

All-in-all, while Haunted Chocolatier doesn’t have a confirmed release date just yet, we can eagerly await Grandpa’s return, or his purple counterpart, in the next update!

Is Stardew Valley’s Grandpa Dead?

Yes, even if this update suggests otherwise, we can safely assume that our grandpa, who gifted us the Stardew Valley farm, has passed away. Unless the spirit that visits from his shrine is fake, Grandpa giving us the farm on his deathbed and visiting as a spirit are strong telltale signs that our elderly family has passed away.

Grandpa's Bed Mods Are Taking Over Stardew Valley And They Are Glorious

Though Haunted Chocolatier could affect the cannon of Stardew, for now, we can assume that our Grandpa has finally found peace knowing his farm is in trusted hands that have only turned their children in doves a few times.

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