Online Game FreeJack Back From the Grave

This may be a deep cut, even by indie game standards, but do any of you guys remember Freejack Online? Well, it’s back from the dead!

FreeJack Online is a parkour racing game with an art style inspired by The World Ends with You, where you and many other online players compete in parkour challenges with Mario Kart items.

It was initially released in 2009, and because it was online-only, unfortunately, it suffered the fate all online games eventually do and shut down.

Back in 2021, a small community started working on resurrecting the project with the blessing of the original developers and rights-holders.

After two years, they did an online test to gauge how well it would do in an official re-release. It got 1300 players, which was a success, and now the game is going into full development.

What’s New about FreeJack?

Many things have changed in the last decade, and this newer FreeJack version shows many incredible changes. Namely, new areas, cleaner visuals, and a few new songs within the beta playtest. This offers a ton of potential to innovate the game and, hopefully, keep it online for much longer this time.

Just yesterday, the FreeJack team showed off one of their new maps, Port Twilight. This excellent map occurs entirely at sunset and looks like a wonderful take on the typical evening and water-based boating levels.

This account, in general, is a great way to see new updates on how the game development is coming along since they post weekly.

How to play FreeJack?

In short, you can’t quite play it in full yet, but there are a few ways to get in on it. If you join the Patreon for FreeJack, you’ll get unlimited access to the game on the limited server of only 100 people and access to the Discord server to easily matchmake with others. If you don’t want that level of exclusivity, options are still available.

FreeJack screenshots, images and pictures - Giant Bomb

From the 18th of November to the 20th, there will be a Public Test for FreeJack where anyone can join. This is likely even closer to when the game is planned to release and will have way more content than you can get from the previous public test, the build on Patreon, or the next option.

Finally, if you don’t want to wait and want to play for free, there’s a demo available if you click play on the website. This demo is only a beta of the game and I believe it’s hard to find any matches on it, but if you want to try and get a taste of the game’s full version, this is probably your best bet.

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