Terraria’s TModLoader Update Set To Leave Popular Mods Behind

While we wait for Terraria’s 1.4.5 update to vanilla, the Labor of Love update that hit all platforms almost a year ago is finally about to release as free DLC for Terraria, known as TModLoader Update 1.4.4.

This is a separate installation of the game that allows you to play with mods, and all the notable updates and features from 1.4.4 are finally being added on August 1st.

What does the update add?

If you’ve only picked up Terraria recently, haven’t kept up with it for a while, or only play modded, then you might not be too familiar with all the incredible additions the Labor of Love update had. Here’s a quick, bullet-point rundown of some of the most significant features it added, some of which replace existing mods:

  • Most Melee weapons have been completely overhauled and are way better.
  • Aether Biome with the Shimmer.
  • Loadouts you can quickly access for things like mining or fishing armor and accessories.
  • Better (and toggleable) Void Bag.
  • Stack limit increased to 9999.
  • Ropes go through platforms, banners, and heart lanterns can be placed on platforms.
  • Several new Easter Egg seeds, including getfixedboi.
  • Town Slime pets.
  • Duke Fishron has been slightly reworked to be more challenging.
  • Over 300 new items and a ton of Quality of Life updates.

I mean it when I say playing TModLoader recently had felt similar to when 1.4 was out, and Terraria was still stuck on 1.3.

While this update means there will only be about a month where vanilla and modded are finally on the same version, 1.4.5 doesn’t seem to add anything too significant, while 1.4.4 was an insane game changer.

After getting back surgery, I crawled out of bed daily to play through 1.4.4; it was just that good, and I’ve dearly missed every single change while playing through Modded recently.

Which mods will be left behind?

Unfortunately, since it’s a pretty big update, mod creators must manually update their mods to the new version.

Luckily, Terraria provides a feature to see which mods are updated already; if they take a while, you can still access the 1.4.3 version of TModLoader through Steam. (Unfortunately, no option exists for disc and GoG players.)

To see the mods that are updated already or not, just open TModLoader and go to the mod browser; there, you’ll find that mods that have already updated to 1.4.4 have a star on the right and will be there on August 1st, whereas mods that are still stuck on 1.4.3 will have no star. Here are just a few mods left behind by the update as of July 31st:

  • Calamity
  • Calamity Infernum
  • Thorium
  • AlchemistNPC
  • Fargo’s Mutant and Souls
  • Magic Storage
  • The Clicker Class
  • Upgraded Research

These might update quickly once August 1st comes around, but only the mod creators know that. If you’re using these mods, go to Steam properties for TModLoader, and opt in to the 1.4.3 legacy branch beta.

Every time you launch the game, it’ll default to 1.4.3, and once every mod you’re using has a star, you can switch branches back to “none.”

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