Session Skate Sim Update Adds New TMNT Map

If you, like myself, are a connoisseur of skating games, then Session Skate Sim is probably a game you return to time and time again for a roll around. Unlike many other skating games out there, Creature Studios aims to constantly improve their hyper-realistic skating sim with free periodic updates, and in the most recent update, Session Skate Sim fans are getting a new map, along with a ton of other welcome changes. 

The new map is obviously the most eye-catching addition here. However, there have been some sizable overhauls to the skating mechanics in this update, some very appreciated quality-of-life changes relating to UI and sound design, and also, a surprising collaboration with Paramount and, by extension, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, allowing players to really put the shred in shredder. 

Then speaking of the turtles in a half shell, that’s actually what has inspired the new map, which is free to all players who download the update. The map ‘Sewers at 122 1/8’ allows you to skate around a lovingly crafted imagination of the Turtle’s home in the sewers, complete with lots of awesome spots to tear up. 

Breaking Down The 1.0.076 Update

You want details; I get it. So here is a breakdown of all the most impressive aspects of this new update. We won’t be diving into every single noted change in the update, because it really gets into the nitty gritty.

However, if you want a really helpful breakdown of all the key aspects of this update, then check out JL Nightmare’s recent video: 

Sewers @ 122 1/8

Session Skate Sim Update 1.10 for Aug. 1 Adds Free TMNT Content

The juiciest part of this update is obviously the free-to-play map added to Session Skate Sim. As mentioned above, players will be able to pop a manhole and head down to the Sewers to skate in a map depicting the turtle’s home under the streets of New York City. 

Just a quick note. Players won’t be able to just warp there via the menu, as the map will appear as a bunch of question marks.

Instead, you’ll have to find the location of the park’s entrance. Here’s a hint. Head to Madison Park and head toward the convenience store. Keep your eyes on the ground, and when you see the stray pizza boxes, you’re there. 

The map is basically split into two parts. The first area is a big quarter pipe drop-in, leading to a long sewer tunnel with a few nice ledges, banks, and rails to skate.

This then leads you to the main area of the map, which is a densely packed skate park, complete with all the trappings of a flowy park made to be skated. 

Admittedly, it is a little compact, and mileage may vary, but any free map to skate is much appreciated. 

Heroes In A Half Shell

How to Find All Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Content in Session: Skate Sim  | GameGrin

What good would the new Sewers map be if you couldn’t adorn a TMNT costume and skate it authentically with pizza slice grip tape?

The good news is you never have to live in that reality, as the player will be able to head to any skate shop in-game and purchase costumes depicting all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Not to mention a whole bunch of decks, grip tape, wheels, and trucks that will allow you to build a completely TMNT-inspired setup. 

Rocketed Flip Tricks (Pitch)

Another less exciting, but very cool fix within the world of Session is that the trick pitch mechanic has been tweaked so that tricks don’t automatically auto-level in the air. Meaning that if you want to rocket or bone a flip trick, this can be done much more consistently.

This not only looks cool if done right, but also allows players to get into manuals much easier, lock in grind much more smoothly, and even perform new tricks like forward/dolphin flips. 

Input Speed Consistency

Then finally, on the list of major additions, the game also fixes inconsistencies with the manual input speed mechanic that allows you to perform faster or slower, more floated tricks.

It was previously a bit of a potluck as to whether you would lightly flick your board, or end up inadvertently flicking triples by accident. However, it seems that the developers have found the sweet spot, allowing you to really manage the amount of flick and scoop you add to each trick. 

What Else…

As mentioned, there were a few more additions that came part and parcel with this update. While we won’t get into the finer details, here is a quick list of things to look out for: 

  • Improved sound design regarding wheel spin, pressure flips, and more
  • Improved UI when shopping in Skate Shops
  • Rubber Banding is no longer an issue when performing most tricks
  • Camera additions such as TMNT filter and Fish Eye Lens improvement 
  • Replay Editor is less prone to crashing 

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll be hopping onto Session again real soon and setting up shop in the Sewers. I hope you will too. For all things indie games, stick with IGC!

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