Unpacking IOS Release Date Announced for August 24th

Fans of the relaxing moving sim Unpacking can look forward to putting everything in its proper place on their iPhones and Ipads, this August 24th.

With an announcement from TouchArcade detailing its “iOS release on the 24th,” players that haven’t gotten a chance to experience the cozy catharsis of moving in, or veteran unpackers interested in giving their homes another once-over can get to packing towards the month’s end.

Even if the game coming to mobile may not entice PC or console owners of the moving experience, Engadget adds that the mobile release is cutting Steam’s $20 price in half “to $10” and is currently available for preorder.

The Joys of Moving In

For those unfamiliar with the title, Unpacking boasts a variety of block-placement puzzles, cozy music, and an intimate narrative of our journey into adulthood.

Though the gameplay loop primarily consists of opening boxes, putting a Wii console near the TV or an Ex’s memento beneath the bed, and repeating, we found it an engaging and addictive journey that left us thoroughly moved through its silent storytelling.

For fans of other hit comfort games like PowerWash Similar or House Flipper, Unpacking may be a new favorite with an intimate story of personal growth to top it off.

Also, with the release of the highly anticipated Metroidvania Blasphemous 2 on the same day, Unpacking would be an excellent palate cleanser after enjoying the traumatic horror of an eldritch Spanish Inquisition.

Is the iOS Release of Unpacking any Different?

While the overall story and gameplay remain the same, mobile players can enjoy increased accessibility besides the reduced price tag.

Frankly, the game’s a flawless fit for iPhones as Engadget notes that “the gameplay revolving around dragging and dropping items” translates well to moving objects around with fingers on a screen.

Though players might have to squint to make out a particular pixelated cat plushie or comic book, the ability to zoom in and out should rectify most issues.

So whether players are interested in unpacking from the comfort of their couch or daily commute or gifting a friend this heartwarming experience, pro-packers can eagerly await its release on August 24th.

For epic comfort gamers still on the fence about whether an unpacking sim is worth their time, check out our hearty recommendation here.

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