Streamer Asmongold ‘Blows Up’ Indie Gem Halls of Torment

Streamer Asmongold recently took to his stream to play a game he had promised to play years ago, Halls of Torment.

 Many might have written this game off as a plucky little indie that would pop up on Asmongold’s stream, and fade into obscurity just as quickly. However, it didn’t quite work out that way.

Asmongold took to the stream, showcasing what this title has to offer and calling Halls of Torment, his “Favorite game,” Shortly after this stream, the game found itself with over 21k concurrent players at its peak, and is currently sitting with over 5k overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam.

Here is a quick video from the popular streamer celebrating the fact that his ‘favorite game’ is now getting the love it deserves:

Enter The Halls of Torment

Halls of Torment is currently an early-access title and is being developed by indie studio Chasing Carrots. The game can best be described as a blend of the addicting and brilliant mechanics of Vampire survivors with the visuals of old-school Diablo.

It’s easy to see why this title has blown up when given the deserved attention. However, many are shocked at this Indie Darling’s overall quality and polish.

Halls of Torment has surprised players with its in-depth mechanics and interesting builds, meaning that no run feels like the last. The game is highly challenging, and that’s why it’s so addictive.

The team at Chasing Carrots are committed to making this game great, with Halls of Torment seeing constant updates even before the blow-up.

But with that being said, after the rise in popularity and high praise from fans and critics alike, you can only begin to imagine where they take this great game now that so many people are behind it and backing the indie.

Halls of Torment can be picked up for $5.54; however, as of writing this, the game is currently on sale for $4.43 on Steam, so if you want to try out this game, you can pick it up for cheap.

If you were considering trying Halls of Torment out, now is the perfect time to; due to the recent rise in popularity and the fact that the game is on sale, it’s clear this game has a lot of potential and is worth checking out.

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