Dead Cells Netflix Edition Announced for Halloween

Fans of the challenging roguelike Dead Cells can look forward to its release on Netflix, with all DLC packs freely included, this October 31st.

For those who haven’t had a chance to try it, Dead Cells is a 2D roguelike Metroidvania where you play as a slime-headed warrior on a quest to slay the king of an island infected by the Malaise and find a cure for your condition.

Though players have likely seen its silly animated trailers (which are in the process of spawning an animated series planned for 2024), the game lives on its fun and brutal combat that gets progressively more challenging with each run.

Indeed, on Dead Cell’s 5th boss soul difficulty required to get the true ending, players will die in just a few hits and manage an unforgiving malaise status that infects players for each enemy hit and kills players that max out the ailment.

Perhaps the most significant point of interest in the Netflix release of Dead Cells, Engaget notes, is the free inclusion of every paid DLC release, from battling your evil ex-wife to the Castlevania Crossover.

Though Dead Cells is already jam-packed with free content over the past five years, this inclusion ensures players will have hundreds of hours of content to peruse, from performing a daring heist in the Bank DLC update to endlessly fighting the Timekeeper forced to relive the same day.

Fortunately, this edition is also coming to both iOS and Android devices so that Netflix viewers can enjoy this lovingly slimy title regardless of their phone.

Whether players are looking to start their Dead Cells playthrough anew or see what all the fuss is over this booger-headed hero, Netflix subscribers can  dig into Dead Cells on October 31st and begin building a distaste for teleporting slime worms and cursed chests.

Does Dead Cells’ Netflix Edition Have Any New Content?

No, Dead Cell’s veterans chopping at the bit for new content included in the Netflix edition will be disappointed to learn there’s nothing new currently being added.

However, fans of the challenging roguelike who haven’t purchased one or more of the paid DLCs, including a Castlevania DLC sure to please vampire-slayers, can enjoy every single paid release of content included in the regular release.

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