Jesus Cruz

Jesús is a self-professed gaming nomad, meaning he rarely sticks to one particular genre of game. A trait that makes him such a great fit at Indie Game Culture. He loves the variety that Indie Games provide, often jumping from an action packed platformer, to a more methodical turn-based strategy game on the fly. He's also a lover of puzzles, and a proud Wolverhampton Wanderers fan.

neon white gift locations

Neon White Gift Locations

Since it got released in June 2022, Neon White has been considered by a lot of critics as one of the best Indie Platform games of recent times. Everyone loved it, including me, and it’s because it has everything a good game should have nowadays. Neon White has a wonderful story, relatable characters, funny moments,

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best indie fighting games

Best Indie Fighting Games

When the indie games started gaining popularity, it was clear to see that indie fighting games were going to play a huge part in this genre’s success, maybe because the people who started learning how to program video games saw fighting games as a great opportunity to let their imagination fly.  The term “Fighting Game”

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