Jesus Cruz

Jesús has a year and a half of experience creating interesting gaming articles for diverse web pages, and his experience comes from years and years of writing guides for personal use; his computer probably has more step-by-step guides than Gamepedia and Gamefaqs put together! So if you need to know something about your favorite Indie, Jesus is your guy! Outside of gaming, Jesús loves to read and write short novels and stories and solving and collecting Rubik Cubes, but his favorite hobby is collecting soccer sticker albums!

neon white gift locations

Neon White Gift Locations

Since it got released in June 2022, Neon White has been considered by a lot of critics as one of the best Indie Platform games of recent times. Everyone loved it, including me, and it’s because it has everything a good game should have nowadays. Neon White has a wonderful story, relatable characters, funny moments, …

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Cassette Beasts Review

Cassette Beasts Review: a Second Breath for Creature RPGs

I really love Creature RPGs. I guess it’s mostly because I love collecting; completing a list of items is something I’ll always love to do; it’s just so damn satisfying!  Knowing this, I should also say I love Pokémon, the largest and most successful Creature RPG saga you’ll find out there (Get wrecked, Digimon!). But …

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best indie fighting games

Best Indie Fighting Games

When the indie games started gaining popularity, it was clear to see that indie fighting games were going to play a huge part in this genre’s success, maybe because the people who started learning how to program video games saw fighting games as a great opportunity to let their imagination fly.  The term “Fighting Game” …

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