Dave the Diver Update adds Lobsters, Auto-Farming, and Seed Shop

Fans of the beloved scuba-diving sushi management sim, Dave The Diver, can return to the great blue whole with the 1.0.1 update, adding a host of new creatures, revamped farming, and quirky quests to check out!

As PC Games details, the new update adds a host of late-game sub-missions to reward players for saving the underwater merpeople society and turning Bancho’s restaurant into a hit success!

Though these missions are only available after reaching the late-game Glacial Passage, they offer Dave a final farewell and an extra epilogue to cap off players’ scuba adventure.  

Besides adding a juicy victory lap for Dave, GameInformer details how the new update also comes with a farming overhaul and seed shop that allows players to purchase seeds rather than rely on randomly finding them in the blue hole and assigning a manager to the fields.

Essentially, this change removes much of the frustrating uncertainty that got in the way of players cooking more profitable dishes that relied on rare plants and fruits they sometimes found in underwater pots and pans.

Besides farming, The Gamer details how the update adds numerous new creatures like lobsters, spooky nightlife, and crab traps for catching the crawling crustaceans.

Better yet, players who finish filling out their Marinca can look forward to a Pokemon-esk “gotta fish ’em all” battle with a middle-aged Ash Ketchup to cap off their collecting extravaganza.

Including a few bug fixes, a wandering merchant that sells new ingredients, and an operator that tells updates on our progress and daily fortune, this update offers a fantastic set of overhauls to cut down on the busy work that hampered our fishy adventure.

Whether they’re looking for a reason to return to the main quest or miss Dave’s infectious charm, players can swim into a fantastic reunion with the Great Blue Hole and plenty of Bancho’s sushi!

Is Dave the Diver Finished?

Yes, Dave the Diver has a comprehensive set of worlds, quests, and fish to enjoy. However, while Dave the Diver has an appropriate ending, the developers may add further content in future updates, including more quests, fish, and even more of the quirky main story.

Whatever the case, Dave the Diver has a near-endless amount of content to enjoy to rival Stardew Valley and will surely see more fish fun in the future!

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